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SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Expected Cut-Off

The SSC CGL Tier I exam is over. As per Staff Selection Commission, they have Successfully conducted CGL Tier-1 exam from 5th August to 23rd August 2017. Now, Most of you must be looking for expected cut-off. Right?

So, Let's first analyze the paper. We will predict the cut off after comparing the difficulty level with last year. So. Let's Begin.
SSC CGL Tier-1 2017 Expected Cut-Off

SSC CGL Overall Exam Analysis 2017

SSC CGL Tier 1 2017: Reasoning Section
The Difficulty level of this section was almost same in all shift. Most of the students found this section pretty easy.
SSC CGL Tier 1 2017: General Awareness
The difficulty level of this section varied across the shifts. In earlier shifts the level was easy but the difficulty level kept increasing towards the last day last shift of the exam.
SSC CGL Tier 1 2017: Quantitative Aptitude
In this section, the difficulty level varied across all days. The level of questions was difficult in earlier shifts but it kept decreasing in later shifts. However, Students found many irregularities in topics. In many shifts, 2-3 Questions were asked from Geometry section as well whereas in many other shifts, Not even a single question was asked from this section. In last few days, Questions were asked even from coordinate geometry whereas the question of Reflection was a bit new to aspirants. 

Overall, This section was Moderate - Tough
SSC CGL Tier 1 2017: English Section
This section surprised students because we saw some major changes in it. Questions from Narration, Voices and Cloze Test were also asked this year. However, The level of this section was similar across all the shifts which were moderate to difficult. In last 4-5 shifts, the passage was also asked.The level of Vocabulary was good.

Previous Year Cut-Off of CGL Tier-1

Category Cut-off marks (out of 200)
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
SC 114 80.25 77 77 64
ST 103 74.25 69.5 69 62
OBC 125.50 89.50 82 85 70
Ex-S 92 67.75 62 25 25
OH 97 69.00 68.75 67 60
HH 20 20.00 25 25 25
VH 68 51.00 40 61 25
GEN 137 102.25 96.5 102 82

CGL Tier-1 2017 Vs CGL Tier-1 2016
  1. Time - Last year, 75 minutes were given for solving 100 questions. However, This year, Students got only 60 minutes for solving 100 questions. It will definitely impact the cut-off.
  2. Level of Questions- Last year, The level of questions were extremely easy. It was so easy that most of the students were able to attempt 85+ questions with ease. However, The story is not same this year. SSC increased the level of questions in Maths and English due to which an attempt of 75-80 is considered good. As you can see, It will also impact the cut-Off.
  3. Number of Students Actually Appeared in the Exam- It won't affect the cut-Off because almost same number of students have taken the exam this year. Last year, around 15 Lakh students appeared in the exam. The data of this year is also almost same.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Expected Cut Off 2017

SSC CGL Tier 1 Expected Cut-off 2017
120 - 125
108 - 113
97 – 103
84 – 92

If you are getting more marks than our Expected-Cut Off Marks, You should start preparing for Tier-2 without wasting your time. Do not wait for the Result. Last year, The level of Tier-2 Exam was quite Good. We are expecting even better level this year. So, Be ready for that.

SSC Doesn't believe in Normalization. So, If you are participating in debates related to it on Social Media, You are just wasting your time. 

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