Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Geography Quiz for SSC CGL

Targetting Exams like SSC CGL, SSC CPO, FCI or SSC CHSL? If Yes, You should participate in this Quiz on Geogrpahy as it contains some important questions which are repeatedly asked in above-mentioned exams.

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  1. Which of the following phenomenon causes Earth's seasons to occur?
    (A) The earth's orbit around the sun as an eclipse rather than a circle
    (B) The varying amount of sunspot activity
    (C) The tilt of the earth's rotation relative to the ecliptic as earth revolves around the sun
    (D) The rotation of during a 24-hour day
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  2. Sea water is saltier than rain water because
    (A) Sea beds have salt producing mines
    (B) Rivers wash away salts from earth and pour them into the sea
    (C) Sea animals are salt producing
    (D) The air around the sea is saltish
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  3. Sariska and Ranthambore are the reserves for which of the following
    (A) Lion
    (B) Deer
    (C) Tiger
    (D) Bear
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  4. Which is the smallest among the following water bodies?
    (A) Arctic Sea
    (B) Hudson sea
    (C) Japan sea
    (D) Okhotsk sea
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  5. The world’s largest lake is ____?
    (A) Lake Victoria
    (B) Lake Superior
    (C) Caspian Sea
    (D) Black Sea
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  6. Which of the following is a bio diesel plant?
    (A) Jatropha
    (B) Pepper
    (C) Noni
    (D) Euthropa
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  7. Which was the first hydel power project in India?
    (A) Nizamnagar in Andhra Pradesh
    (B) Paikara in Tamil Nadu
    (C) Pallivasal in Kerala
    (D) Sivasamudram in Karnataka
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  8. On the tributary of which river has Rihand Dam been constructed?
    (A) Chambal
    (B) Yamuna
    (C) Son
    (D) Periyar
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  9. The Barda Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state of India?
    (A) Gujarat
    (B) Orissa
    (C) Uttarakhand
    (D) Rajasthan
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  10. The Bandipur National Park is located in which of the following state of India?
    (A) Orissa
    (B) Karnataka
    (C) Uttarkhand
    (D) Andhra Pradesh
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