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New One Word Substitution Quiz for SSC CGL - Set 3

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We are presenting the thrid set of our recently started series, in which we provide you quizzes on some New One Word Substitutions. Although SSC has a habit of repeating questions, it still brings some new words every year that create problems for the students. Through this series, we are trying to make you familiar with new words. If you missed the First set of this series and want to check it now, Click Here.

SSC has already provided information about the exam pattern, Level of Questions, Exam, and Result Date etc,  If, You haven't checked these details yet, Click Here to get Detailed Information.

New One Word Substitution Quiz for SSC CGL - Set 3

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  1. Devoid of all Hope
    (A) Dwindled
    (B) Desperate
    (C) Rash
    (D) Agony
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  2. One leading an Unsettled Life
    (A) Wanderer
    (B) Restless
    (C) Vagabond
    (D) Hurtling
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  3. A Woman who uses her charm to exploit men
    (A) Vamp
    (B) Couquette
    (C) Flirt
    (D) Sly
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  4. An unmarried woman past the age of marriage?
    (A) maid
    (B) lady
    (C) spinster
    (D) sinister
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  5. A song to induce sleep in children
    (A) melody
    (B) music
    (C) lullaby
    (D) lyric
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  6. Go beyond what is just or natural
    (A) Exodus
    (B) Pawn
    (C) Encroach
    (D) Senate
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  7. The act of killing one self by cutting open one's stomach with a sword, to avoid losing honour:
    (A) hara-kiri
    (B) sati
    (C) self-immolation
    (D) assassination
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  8. A moral story not necessarily with animal characters.
    (A) Autobiography
    (B) Fable
    (C) Parable
    (D) Tale
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  9. To be in an unpleasant situation for a long time
    (A) expiate
    (B) languish
    (C) brag
    (D) tremble
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  10. Long intensely for something that belongs to another
    (A) Desire
    (B) Hanker
    (C) Covet
    (D) Languish
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