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Important GK One Liners for SSC CGL(Polity) - Part 6

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As you already know, SSC CGL Tier-1 2016 will commence from 27th August 2016. So, you don't have much time left. Due to the new pattern of SSC CGL Exam, the GK section has become more important than ever. In order to help you, We are providing you the 6th Part of Important GK One Liners for SSC CGL. This time, it covers some important questions of Geography.

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Important Polity Questions for SSC CGL

Important GK One Liners for SSC CGL(Polity)

  1. To whom does public accounts committee submit its report - Speaker of Lok Sabha
  2. Which standing committee from the parliament has no MP from Rajya Sabha - Estimate Committee
  3. What is the purpose of adjournment motion in the parliament of India? - To allow the discussions on definite matters of urgent public importance
  4. The phenomenon under which the speaker allows one MP to speak and restricts another from speaking is called - Yielding the floor
  5. Money bill can be introduced in which house of the parliament - Lok Sabha
  6. Union budget is laid before the two houses of the parliament in accordance with _______ of Indian constitution - Article 112
  7. When can the term of Lok Sabha be extended by one year? - During proclamation of Emergency
  8. The speaker's vote in Lok Sabha is called - Casting Vote
  9. The number of seats for states in Rajya Sabha have been decided on the basis of - Population and economic position
  10. The Rajya Sabha has no power to reject or amend which type of bill - Money Bill
  11. Which type of bill should be passed by each house of the parliament separately by a special majority - Constitution amendment bill.
  12. What does Indian Parliament consist of - The President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
  13. Economic survey is presented in ________every year ________the presentation of budget for the coming year - Parliament , before the presentation of budget.
  14. A proclamation of emergency must be placed before the parliament for its approval within_____ - 1 month
  15. Who is considered as the guardian of public purse? - Comptroller and auditor general
  16. What is "Hung Parliament" - The parliament in which , no party has a clear majority
  17. Which non member can participate in the business of either house of the parliament- The attorney General
  18. Where was first parliamentary form of government formed - Britain
  19. Secretariat of parliament of India is under which ministry - Ministry of Parliamentary affairs
  20. Archeological survey of India is an attached office of ministry of - Culture
  21. Who was the first deputy PM of India- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
  22. Who was the PM of India when anti defection bill was passed - Rajiv Gandhi
  23. Who is the chairman of National Integration Council - Prime Minister of India
  24. Who has the right under the constitution to seek opinion of the Supreme court on question of Law - President
  25. Which powers are available to the President of India but not the governor of a state- Power to grant pardon in case of death sentence, diplomatic powers and power to declare emergency.
  26. What type of body is the election commission of India- Constitutional Body
  27. How many times can the president of India seek re-election to his post- Any number of times
  28. Who does the president address his resignation letter to - Vice President
  29. A Presidential ordinance can remain in force for - 6 months
  30. Fundamental duties were included in the constitution of India on the recommendation of which committee - Swarn Singh Committee
  31. What is the purpose of inclusion of DPSP's into the constitution of India- Establishment of Welfare state
  32. What does Uniform Civil Code mentioned in the DPSP's aim at -  Ensuring National Integration
  33. What are the grounds of restriction of freedom of speech and expression - Defamation, contempt of court and friendly relations with foreign states
  34. According to the national human rights commission act 1993, who can be its chairman- Only a retired chief justice of India
  35. Which constitutional amendment deleted the right to property from the Fundamental Rights- 44th Amendment
  36. The power to curve out a new state is vested in - The Parliament of India
  37. In which case the supreme court stated, " right to life and liberty cannot be suspended under any circumstances". - Keshwananda bharti Vs State of India Case
  38. The preamble to the constitution of India was amended by which amendment act? - 42nd amendment
  39. What does 10th schedule of Indian Constitution deal with - Land Reforms
  40. Who gets to do the legislation in case the item is not a part of any of the 3 lists provided by the constitution- The Parliament only (not the state legislature)
  41. Article 1 describes India as - Union of States
  42. Which feature of the Indian Constitution determines that it is federal in nature- Distribution of Powers between centre and states
  43. What is the number of judges in supreme court - 30 + 1 (CJI)
  44. Which article  imposes the duty to enforce fundamental rights on the supreme court- Article 32
  45. Which is the only union territory to have its own high court - Delhi
  46. Which was the first state to be created on linguistic basis - Andhra Pradesh
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