Monday, August 22, 2016

Calendar Shortcut Trick for finding the Day of any Given Date - Reasoning (Video Tutorial)

The Level of Questions that are asked in Reasoning Section in SSC Exams is generally Easy to Moderate. It means you can easily score 40+ out of 50. However, few topics like Clock, Cubes, Dice, Calendars, Counting of Traingles/ Rectangles etc sometimes creates problems for the users.

Now when you have only 75 minutes for solving questions of all Section in Tier-1, You can't afford to use the Traditional Method for finding the day of any given date as it consumes around 3-5 minutes. However, You can't leave any question too because each question contains 2 marks. So, What's the solution?

Through this Tutorial, we are providing you a Shortcut Trick on Calendar for Finding the Day of any Given Date and that too without taking much time. Watch the attached video tutorial for understanding the trick.

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