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New One Word Substitution Quiz for SSC CGL - Set 2

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We are presenting the second set of our recently started series, in which we provide you quizzes on some New One Word Substitutions. Although SSC has a habit of repeating questions, it still brings some new words every year that create problems for the students. Through this series, we are trying to make you familiar with new words. If you missed the First set of this series and want to check it now, Click Here.

SSC has already provided information about the exam pattern, Level of Questions, Exam, and Result Date etc,  If, You haven't checked these details yet, Click Here to get Detailed Information.

New One Word Substitution Quiz for SSC CGL - Set 2

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  1. Rescue of a wrecked ship or cargo
    (A) Salvage
    (B) Forfeit
    (C) Yacht
    (D) Shred
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  2. Ornamental cloth for covering wall
    (A) embroidery
    (B) emboss
    (C) tapestry
    (D) clique
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  3. A person who insists on something
    (a) Disciplinarian
    (b) Instantaneous
    (c) Boaster
    (d) Stickler
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  4. Scatter Or Spread (Things) Untidily Over A Surface Or Area.
    (a) Strew
    (b) Renege
    (c) Gubernatorial
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  5. Very Irritable :
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  6. A Thick Stick With A Heavy End, Used As A Weapon.
    (a) Bludgeon
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  7. A Large Entrance, Reception Room, Or Waiting Area :
    (a) Contumacious
    (b) Vestibule
    (c) Guffaw
    (d) Discountenance
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  8. Obedient Or Attentive To An Excessive Or Servile Degree.
    (a) Obsequious
    (b) Salacious
    (c) Gangling
    (d) Contumacious
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  9. A Short Metal Pin Or Bolt For Holding Together Two Plates Of Metal, Its Headless End Being Beaten Out Or Pressed Down When In Place.
    (a) Evanescent
    (b) Antipathy
    (c) Rivet
    (d) Reverberate
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  10. Lack Of Respect Or Seriousness; Frivolousness.
    (a) Flippancy
    (b) Gibber
    (c) Conspectus
    (d) Reminiscence
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