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Most Important Questions on Time and Distance for SSC CGL Exams - Part 1

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We have already posted a lot of Quizzes, Study Materials and Video Tutorials to help you in preparation for SSC CGL Exam. Now, We have started a series through which, we will provide you a collection of most Important Questions for SSC CGL Exam. If you are visiting this site for the first time, use below given links to find Important Questions on Algebra and Time and Work.
We will keep sharing Important Questions on Other Maths Topics as well. If you want to get a job through SSC CGL, try solving these questions because they have been repeatedly asked in CGL Exam. 

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  1. A man travels 400 kms in 4 hours partly by air and partly by train. If he had traveled all the way by air, he would have saved 4/5 of the time he was in train and would have arrived his destination 2 hours early. Find the distance he traveled by train.
    (A) 95 kms
    (B) 85 kms
    (C) 90 kms
    (D) 100 kms
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  2. Ravi can walk a certain distance in 40 days when he rests 9 hours a day. How long will he take to walk twice the distance, twice as fast and rest twice as long each day?
    (A) 80 days
    (B) 90 days
    (C) 100 days
    (D) 95 days
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  3. A hare, pursued by a grey hound is 50 of her own leaps before him. While the hare takes 4 leaps, the grey hound takes 3 leaps. In one leap, the hare goes 1.75 metres and the grey hound 2.75 metres. In how many leaps, will the grey hound overtake the hare?
    (A) 210 leaps
    (B) 220 leaps
    (C) 230 leaps
    (D) 240 leaps
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  4. A and B start simultaneously at 5 km per hr. and 4 km per hr rom P and Q, 180 kms apart, towards Q and P respectively. They cross each other at M and after reaching Q and P turn back immediately and meet again at N. Find the distance MN?
    (A) 45 km
    (B) 40 km
    (C) 35 km
    (D) 42 km
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  5. A train overtakes two person walking at 2 km per hr and 4 km per hr respectively and passes them completely 9 second and 10 seconds respectively. What is the length of the train?
    (A) 65 metres
    (B) 60 metres
    (C) 55 metres
    (D) 50 metres
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  6. A and B started at the same time from the same place for a certain destination. B walking at 5/6th of A's speed reached the destination 1 hour 15 minutes after A. B reached the destination in
    (A) 6 hours 45 minutes
    (B) 7 hours 15 minutes
    (C) 7 hours 30 minutes
    (D) 8 hours 15 minutes
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  7. A train X start from Aligarh at 4:00 PM and reaches Ghaziabad at 6:00 PM. While another train Y starts from Ghaziabad at 4:00 PM nd reaches Aligarh at 7:00 PM. The two trains will cross each other at?
    (A) 5:12 PM
    (B) 5:18 PM
    (C) 5:56 PM
    (D) 6:12 PM
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  8. From stations A and B, two trains start moving towards each other with the speed of 80 km/hour and 95 km/hr respectively. When the two trains meet each other, it is found that one train covers 180 km more than that of another train. Find the distance between A and B?
    (A) 2000 km
    (B) 2100 km
    (C) 2200 km
    (D) 2400 km
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  9. Two bullets were fired at a place at an interval of 38 minutes. A person approaching the firing point in his car hears the two sounds at an interval of 36 minutes. The speed of sound is 330 m/sec. What is the speed of the car?
    (A) 56 km/h
    (B) 66 km/h
    (C) 76 km/hr
    (D) 86 km/hr
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  10. A carriage driving in a fog passed a man who was walking at the rate of 5 km/hour in the same direction. He could see the carriage for 6 minutes and it was visible to him upto a distance of 120 m. What was the speed of the carriage?
    (A) 6.2 km/hr
    (B) 7.2 km/hr
    (C) 8 km/hr
    (D) 8.2 km/hr
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  11. Two men A and B walk from P to Q, a distance of 21 km at 3,4 km/hr respectively. B reaches Q, returns immediately and meets A at R. Find the distance from P to R?
    (A) 15 km
    (B) 16 km
    (C) 17 km
    (D) 18 km
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  12. Points "A" and "B" are 70 km apart on a highway. A car starts from "A" and another from "B" at the same time. If they travel in the same direction, they meet in 7 hours, but if they travel towards each other, they meet in one hour. Find the speed of the two cars in km/hr.
    (A) 20, 30
    (B) 40, 30
    (C) 30, 50
    (D) 20 ,40
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  13. Mr. Kumar drives to work at an average speed of 48 km/hr. The time taken to cover the first 60% of the distance is 10 minutes more than the time taken to cover the remaining distance. How far is his office?
    (A) 30 km
    (B) 40 km
    (C) 45 km
    (D) 48 km
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  14. Two trains are moving in the same direction at 50 km/hr and 30 km/hr. The faster train crossed a man who is sitting in the slower train in 18 seconds. Find the length of the faster train.
    (A) 80 m
    (B) 90 m
    (C) 100 m
    (D) None
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  15. Two trains for Delhi leaves Jaipur at 8:30 a.m and 9:00 a.m and travel at 60 and 75 km/hr respectively. How many Kms away from Jaipur will the two trains meet if they meet at 1 PM.
    (A) 125 km
    (B) 150 km
    (C) 175 km
    (D) 200 km
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  16. A train passed two persons who are walking in the opposite direction in which the train is moving, at the rate of 5 m/s and 10 m/s in 6 seconds and 5 seconds respectively. Find the length of the train.
    (A) 125 m
    (B) 150 m
    (C) 160 m
    (D) 170 m
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  17. A good train and a passanger train are running on parallel tracks in the same direction. The driver of the goods train observes that the passenger train coming from behind overtakes and crossed his train completely in 60 seconds Whereas a passenger on the passenger train marks that he crossed the goods train in 40 seconds. If the speed of the trains be in the ration of 1:2. Find the ratio of their lengths.
    (A) 1:2
    (B) 2:1
    (C) 3:2
    (D) 2:3
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  18. Trains A crosses another train B in 30 seconds. The length of train B is 140% of the length of the train A. The speed of train A is 72 kmph. What is the difference between the lengths of the two trains?
    (A) 140 m
    (B) 80 m
    (C) 70 m
    (D) 100 m
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  19. A student rides on bicycle at 8 km/hr and reaches his school 2.5 minutes late. The next day, he increases his speed to 10 km/hr and reaches the school 5 minutes earlier. How far is the school from his house?
    (A) 5/8 km
    (B) 8 km
    (C) 5 km
    (D) 10 km
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  20. A man covered a certain distance at some speed. Had he moved 3 km per hour faster, he would have taken 40 minutes less. If he had moved 2 km per hour slower, he would have taken 40 minutes more. The distance(in km) is
    (A) 20
    (B) 35
    (C) 40
    (D) 45
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