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English Quiz on Sentence Improvement for SSC Exams

English is a scoring subject, especially in SSC CGL. However, you need a lot of practice for mastering this subject. In case you have just started your preparation and have no idea about, How to handle English, our guide on How to Strengthen English for Competitive Exams? might help you.

We have already provided a lot of English Quizzes on English so that you can practice questions on different topics like, One-Word Substitution, Idioms & Phrases, Reading Comprehension, Spotting Errors, Sentence Improvement, Fill in the Blanks etc.

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English Quiz on Sentence Improvement for SSC Exams

  1. Goaded to frenzy, the bull charged its tormentors
    (A) the tormentors were charged by the bull
    (B) the tormentors were being charged by the bull
    (C) the bull charged on its tormentors
    (D) No Improvement
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  2. The temptations that bestow young people today are ruining them.
    (A) appeal
    (B) beset
    (C) confront
    (D) No Improvement
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  3. A lot depends on your early brought up in the family.
    (A) bringing
    (B) bring up
    (C) upbringing
    (D) No Improvement
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  4. The dictator declared an emergency in the country.
    (A) proposed
    (B) decreed
    (C) ordered
    (D) No Improvement
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  5. The right-to-work implies the obligation on the part of the government to give a job to all the unemployed.
    (A) any of the unemployed
    (B) every unemployed
    (C) each of the unemployed
    (D) No Improvement
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  6. When it was dark, they decided to put at an inn.
    (A) put off with
    (B) put up at
    (C) put out in
    (D) No Improvement
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  7. A very horrifying serial was broadcasted ten days ago.
    (A) had been broadcasted
    (B) was broadcast
    (C) was being broadcasted
    (D) No Improvement
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  8. Rohan died of a wound and not from cancer.
    (A) from a wound and not of cancer
    (B) of a wound and not of cancer
    (C) from a wound and not from cancer
    (D) No Improvement
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  9. All criminal attitudes must be nipped at the bud
    (A) nipped on the bud
    (B) nipped in the bud
    (C) nipped off the bud
    (D) No Improvement
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  10. When the students take their exams they will have a holiday.
    (A) took their exams
    (B) had taken their exams
    (C) have taken their exams
    (D) No Improvement
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