Tuesday, April 19, 2016

One Word Substitution Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

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As most of you already know, SSC CGL Exam 2016 has been postponded and would be conducted in the month of August. It's a good news for those candidates who were not fully prepared. However, it's a bad news for those candidates who were buring the midnight oil and were expecting to get better marks in Tier-1.

We are expecting a change in the Exam Pattern of SSC CGL 2016 Exam. Most likely changes are:

  • Tier-1 Qualifying : It means that the marks of Tier-1 will not be considered while making the final merit list.
  • Tier-2 Online
  • Introduction of a Descriptive Paper : SSC may also introduce a Tier-3 which will be of descriptive nature. You will be asked to write Precise, Letters etc along with a G.S paper. However, this proposal is not finalized yet.

Anyway, Now you have 3 months left for the exam and believe us, you will have to work really hard because around 35 lakh students have applied this year. Today, we are providing you a quiz on One-Word Substitution specially for SSC CGL 2016.

  1. Medicine which induces vomiting
    (A) rag
    (B) nostrum
    (C) emetic
    (D) heretic
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  2. One who believes in the philosophy that nothing has real existence
    (A) Recalcitrant
    (B) Bohemian
    (C) Iconoclast
    (D) Nihilist
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  3. Willful and persistent resistance to lawful authority
    (A) Contumacy
    (B) Insolence
    (C) Supercillious
    (D) Obstinacy
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  4. The art of spelling words correctly
    (A) cacography
    (B) orthography
    (C) cryptography
    (D) chorography
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  5. A state of mental weariness from occupation
    (A) banshee
    (B) at sea
    (C) ennui
    (D) doldrums
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  6. A chnage that befalls something
    (A) Mutation
    (B) transmigration
    (C) transmogrification
    (D) catclysm
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  7. Belonging to class between the gentry and laborious
    (A) ethos
    (B) eugenics
    (C) bourgeois
    (D) elite
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  8. A supplement or additional explanation to a will
    (A) alibi
    (B) codicil
    (C) appendix
    (D) supplement
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  9. Rescue of a wrecked ship or cargo
    (A) Salvage
    (B) Forfeit
    (C) Yacht
    (D) Shred
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  10. Ornamental cloth for covering wall
    (A) embroidery
    (B) emboss
    (C) tapestry
    (D) clique
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