Monday, April 4, 2016

G.K Questions asked in Railway Exam held on 4.04.2016(1st shift) along with Answers

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As you all know, Railway Board is conducting the RRB NTPC Exam this month. Today is the 7th day of this exam.

The exam is being conducted in 3 slots .  Here we are providing General Awareness/General Science questions asked the exam of the Morning(Slot I) held on 4th April 2016.

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GK Questions Asked in RRB CBT Exam (03.04.2016) - 3rd Shift

1. Where is shore temple located?
Ans. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

2. Who is Father of White Revolution?
Ans. Verghese Kurien

3. Who was brand ambassador of syechelles?
Ans. AR Rahman

4. What is Victoria memorial?
Ans. Museum

5. When was economic liberalisation in India started?
Ans. 1991

6. Which is Laccadive sea?
Ans. Lakshadweep Sea

7. Name of parent company of Google?
Ans. Alphabet

8. Who wrote unknown Indian?
Ans. Nirad C. Chaudhuri

9. Name of India's first satellite?
Ans. Aryabhata

10. Who was the Governor General after Mountbatten?
Ans. C. Rajagopalachari

11.Indian army (faug) k founder ?
Ans.ras bihari boss

12.Forword block ann aazad sarkar k founder?-Ans.subhash c boss

13. When is Earth Day?
Ans. 22 April

14. On which planet NASAa found water?
Ans. Mars

15. Who wrote calvin and hobbes comic strip?
Ans. Bill Watterson

16. What is the full form of GSM?
Ans. Global System for Mobile Communication

17. What is the full form of DNA?
Ans. Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid

18. What is the Full form of RAM?
Ans. Random Access Memory

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