Sunday, April 3, 2016

G.K Questions asked in Railway Exam held on 3.04.2016(1st shift) along with Answers

Hello Readers,
As you all know, Railway Board is conducting the RRB NTPC Exam this month. Today is the sixth day of this exam.

The exam is being conducted in 3 slots .  Here we are providing General Awareness/General Science questions asked the exam of the Morning.(Slot I) held on 3rd April 2016.

  1. Male is the capital of which country? Republic of Maldives
  2. What is Serbian Index? capitalization-weighted price index
  3. what is the capital of Uganda?Kampala
  4. Most Peaceful country according to 2015 peace index?Iceland
  5. Mica is abundant in which state of India?Jharkhand
  6. Which crop is produced at highest quantity in India?Rice
  7. Who has Made maximum number of Mahatama Gandhi’s Paintings?
  8. Which is not an Operating system(options :OS x,win 98,C++,Windows 7)? C++
  9. Which Vitamin responsible for Blood Clotting? Vitamin B12
  10. Longest river in India which do not fall in sea?Yamuna
  11. Longest railway destination of India? Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari.
  12. Chipko movement started from where in India?Uttarakhand
  13. What is Planet X?Dark Red Star (Nibiru)
  14. Galileo discovered how many moon of Jupiter in 1652?
  15. H20 is water then what is KOH? Potassium Hydroxide
  16. 1998 pokaran test operation name?Operation Shakti
  17. Madhubani Paintings Indicates? Forest of Honey
  18. Platters formation by which blood group?
  19. Gold Value Decided at? - London Bullien Market Association
  20. where is Orang Park situated ? Assam
  21. What is MakarSakranti?Festival
  22. Cleanest city of India? Mysuru
  23. New Member of World Trade Organisation?Afghanistan
  24. Abhra is found in which state?
  25. Archipelagos means?an extensive group of islands.

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