Saturday, April 2, 2016

G.K Questions asked in Railway Exam held on 2.04.2016(3rd shift) along with Answers

Hello Readers,
As you all know, Railway Board is conducting the RRB NTPC Exam this month. Today is the firth day of this exam.

The exam is being conducted in 3 slots .  Here we are providing General Awareness/General Science questions asked the exam of the Evening Shift.(Slot III) held on 2nd April 2016.

1. Which among the following is not a greenhouse gas?
ans. copper oxide.

2. World economic forum meeting 2016 is held in which country?
ans. switzerland.

3. Isro launched which satellite in january 2016?
ans. irnss -1e.

4. Isro combined with which police for "predictive policing"?
ans. delhi police.

5. Khajuraho temple is located in which state?
ans. m.p.

6. Basilica of bom jesus belongs to which state?
ans. goa.

7. first indian to receive nobel prize?
ans. rabindranath tagore.

8. in 2016, the largest tricolour was hosted in which city?
ans. ranchi.

9. last ruler of mauryan dynasty?
ans. Brihadratha.

10. first captain of indian cricket team in odi?
ans. ajit wadekar.

1. Shiva Ayyadurai invented what?
Ans. E-mail
2. Solid iodine colour
Ans. Purple
3. Golden temple is situated near which river
Ans: Rabi

4. 2016 world economic From summit Held On
Ans: Davos (Switzerland)

5. 1st Nobel prize in literature
Ans: Sully Prudhomme (French)

6. Last mauryan dynasty

7. Jayakwadi Dam on which river
Ans: Godavari

8. Where the Indian flag hoisting by defence minster of India in 2016?
Ans: Pahari mandir(Ranchi)

9. Ph value below 7
Ans: Acidic

11. cricket : pitch :: skating : ?
ans. dont know.
12. india : tiger :: u.s.a. : ?
ans. bald eagle.

13. brass is damaged due to which element?

14. colour of solid iodine?
ans purple.

15. which rays could not penetrate earth's atmosphere?
ans. u.v. rays.

some questions of maths -->
1. ( 18+ 2 * 3.3 ) divided by 0.003.
2. ( 2/9 + 3/5 ) divided by ( 2/9 + 2/5 ).
3. the incomes of a and b is in the ratio 3:2. their expenditures are 14000 and 10000. if a's savings are 4000, what are b's savings?
4. there are 2 vertical poles of 12m and 17m. if the distance between their foots is 12m. what is the distance between their tops?
5. a 10m long ladder is leaned against a vertical wall. it makes an angle of 60 degrees with the ground. what is the distance between the foot of the ladder and the wall?
6. a boy 5m tall has a 3m tall shadow. what is the height of the building if its shadow is 30m tall?
7. a copper wire is bend in the form of a square having an area of 484 cm square. if the same wire is bend in the form of a circle, what is the area of circle?
some questions of reasoning -->
1. if a=1, pat = 37. what is the value of part?
2. if bear = yvzi, then building = ?

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