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Quiz on One Word Substitution for SSC CGL 2016

One Word Substitution is one of the most important topic in English particularly for SSC CGL Exam because atleast 5 questions in Tier-1 and 10 questions in Tier-2 are asked from this topic alone. So, you can easily get these 5-10 marks just by memorizing these One-Word Substitutions.

Today, We are providing you a quiz on One-Word Substitution. Participate in this quiz and share your attempts and correct answers. If you are looking for more quizzes, below are the links.

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  1. Looking tired and unhappy
    (A) Withdrawn
    (B) Dismayed
    (C) Haggard
    (D) Bored
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  2. Unusual, amusing thing whose only purpose is to attract attention, and which has little or no value or importance of its own
    (A) Gimcrack
    (B) Gimmick
    (C) Gillie
    (D) Gimbals
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  3. Of or like an animal of the Cat family
    (A) Fecund
    (B) Canine
    (C) Equine
    (D) Feline
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  4. Using money placed in one's care in a wrong way to benefit oneself
    (A) Embroil
    (B) Emblazon
    (C) Embezzle
    (D) Embelish
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  5. Cunning or Dishonest
    (A) Devise
    (B) Devoid
    (C) Devious
    (D) Devour
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  6. Cruelly insensitive or unsympathetic
    (A) Callus
    (B) Calibre
    (C) Calumny
    (D) Callous
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  7. The part of a stage in fron of the curtain
    (A) Plaintiff
    (B) Proscenium
    (C) Janitor
    (D) Statute
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  8. A person who shows off his learning
    (A) Bantick
    (B) Pedant
    (C) Punter
    (D) Sycophant
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  9. A person who loves wealth and spends as little money as possible
    (A) Scrimp
    (B) Behemoth
    (C) Leviathan
    (D) Whopper
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  10. Mania for Freedom
    (A) Opsomania
    (B) Eleutheromania
    (C) Epistemomania
    (D) Limnomania
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