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G.K Questions asked in Railway Exam held on 31.03.2016(1st Shift)

Hello Readers,
As you all know, Railway Board is conducting the RRB NTPC Exam this month. Today was the fourth day of this exam.

In last 3 days, We got so many requests from students for providing the G.K Questions which are asked in this Exam. So, From today onwards, we will keep posting the G.K Question asked in this Exam daily.

Questions asked in the 1st shift of today's exam is shared below:

31-3-2016 (1st shift)
  1. Bankers of Banks? RBI
  2. Asian Games Held in India ? 1951
  3. National unity day? 31st Oct
  4. Indian coins made up of (Repeated) – Ferritic Steel
  5. NASA Headquarter ?Washington DC
  6. Osama Bin laden killed at ?Abbottabad, Pakistan
  7. IMO ? International maritime organisation
  8. First home minister? Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
  9. National highway greenery plan? To Plant trees along 6,000 km of highways.
  10. Computer Security Day – 30 Nov
  11. Who is Gandhiji’s Political Guru? Gopala Krishna Gokhale
  12. New Scheme for Farmers? Crop Insurance Scheme
  13. Kudankulam nuclear power plant situated in? Tamil Nadu
  14. First women CM? Sucheta Kriplani
  15. Chandrayan -1 launched on which year?2008
  16. Who hits 6 sixes in an over in world cup T20? Yuvraj Singh
  17. Highest Tea Producing State of India? Assam
  18. Who Won Gold Medal in tennis in 2012 Olympics? Andy Murray
  19. Kuchipudi Belongs to which state?Andhra Pradesh
  20. World heritage site by UNSECO in 1985? Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary
  21. Who plays a key role in Nalanda university? Amartya Sen
  22. Water droplets cause rainbow due to ? Spectrum of Light
  23. NFC is based on ? RFID
  24. Larynx is ? voice box
  25. 2014 common wealth games badminton winner at glasgow ? Parupalli Kashyap
  26. Who appoints governor? President
  27. Partition of Bengal in 1905 is done by?Viceroy of India,Lord Curzon
  28. Webpages are written in? HTML
  29. Captcha is used for ?Security
  30. Young crocodile called ? Hatchlings
  31. 2018 fifa world cup venue? Moscow,Russia
  32. NuSTAR – X ray is use to detect? Black Holes
  33. Most spread forest in India?Tropical dry deciduous
  34. Dialysis is treatment for Kidney
  35. Evaporation of liquid to absorb heat is a principle used in ? Refrigerator
  36. If temp raises by about 5.4 to 8 degree Fahrenheit then this conditions is Global Warming
  37. Water is mixture of ? Hydrogen and Oxygen
  38. Odd one out : Buland darwaza , Gateway of India , Agra fort ,Jodha Bhai Palace? Gateway of India
  39. Odd one out : Malware, Phishing , Ransom ware , Spam? Spam
  40. Radish is Fruit or Vegetable ? Vegetable

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