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Quiz on One Word Substitution and Idioms/Phrases for SSC CGL

As you already know,The tentative date of conduction of  SSC CGL Tier-1 2016 is 8th and 22nd May 2016. It means, you hardly have 2 months left for the preparation. In this post, We are providing you a quiz on One Word Substitution and Idioms/Phrases which are one the most important English Topics for SSC CGL Exam.

At least 10 questions are asked from the above mentioned two topics which shows, how important these topics are.Attempt this quiz to analyze your preparation.

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Direction:: Four alternatives are given for the given idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom/phrase.
  1. A gentleman at large
    (A) an unreliable person
    (B) a reliable person
    (C) a pleasing person
    (D) a mysterious person
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  2. Nook and Corner
    (A) Everywhere
    (B) Inside Something
    (C) Outside Something
    (D) Beyond Something
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  3. Over head and ears
    (A) Immediately
    (B) Excessively
    (C) Eventually
    (D) Narrowly
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  4. Rank and Ruin
    (A) Extremely Happy
    (B) Utter Ignorance
    (C) Complete Growth
    (D) Complete Destruction
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  5. Rain or Shine
    (A) Good or Bad time
    (B) Up and Down
    (C) Inside Out
    (D) Outside in
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Direction:: Out of four alternative, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

  1. Inability to read usually caused by brain lesions.
    (A) senility
    (B) aphasia
    (C) fanatic
    (D) alexia
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  2. Allowance paid to wife on legal separation
    (A) displeasure
    (B) alimony
    (C) patrimony
    (D) condemnation
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  3. Loss of speech
    (A) Insomnia
    (B) Aphasia
    (C) Amnesia
    (D) Bibliophile
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  4. The infirmity of old age
    (A) Apathy
    (B) Caducity
    (C) Fascinating
    (D) Pathetic
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  5. The art of beautiful handwriting
    (A) malingerer
    (B) skiver
    (C) shirker
    (D) calligraphy
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