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English Quiz on Filling the Blanks with Suitable Words for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, Railway

English is one of the most important subjects for SSC CGL exam. You can't crack this exam without strengthening your English. If you are weak in English, follow these strategies for making it better for competitive exams.

We have already provided a lot of quizzes on different English topics. Today, We are providing you a quiz on filling the blanks with suitable words. Hope you will like it.

Direction:: Four alternatives (A),(B),(C) & (D) are given under each sentence, you are required to select the most suitable alternative to fill in the blank/blanks in the sentence to make it meaningful.

  1. I___________you to keep quit.
    (A) beg of
    (B) beg from
    (C) beg
    (D) beg for
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  2. The splendour of the Himalayas___________
    (A) beggars description
    (B) needs no description
    (C) is so charming
    (D) inspires awe
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  3. Every candidate has to poll a minimum number of votes in order to avoid___________of his security.
    (A) Penalty
    (B) Cancellation
    (C) Forefeiture
    (D) Loss
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  4. My Mother upset the kettle of boiling water and_________her right hand badly.
    (A) wounded
    (B) sizzled
    (C) scorched
    (D) scalded
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  5. Sharing heavy responsibilities with colleagues does not involve loss of prestige or _________ of the authority of an institute's Head.
    (A) deterioration
    (B) decrease
    (C) diminution
    (D) loss
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  6. Your case is so unique that I am not getting any ___________ to support it.
    (A) reason
    (B) help
    (C) happening
    (D) precedent
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  7. Let us take him upon his word. I see no room for any_________in the matter.
    (A) duplicity
    (B) deviation
    (C) cynicism
    (D) difference
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  8. The ________arguments put forth for not disclosing the facts did not impress anybody.
    (A) intemperate
    (B) spurious
    (C) specious
    (D) convincing
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  9. On second reading, his poems strike us as singularly___________of sublime emotions.
    (A) attributive
    (B) significative
    (C) symptomatic
    (D) evocative
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  10. It is becoming more and more__________that the principal is losing the confidence of his staff.
    (A) prominent
    (B) conspicuous
    (C) manifest
    (D) apparent
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