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Sentence Improvement Quiz for SSC Exams

As you already know, English is one of the most important subjects for clearing SSC CGL Exam. Keeping the high cut-offs of SSC CGL in mind, you can't even think to crack this Exam without English. Here please note that, I am not talking about the Tier-1 exam because i know many students who secured 110+ in Tier-1 even when they were weak in English. However, They failed to clear Tier-2.

If you are also weak in English and want to know the strategy to do well in this subject, Check this Post. Otherwise, You can check your preparation level by participating in our Quizzes.

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Sentence Improvement Quiz for SSC Exams

  1. A very horrifying serial was broadcasted ten days ago.
    (A) has broadcast
    (B) was broadcast
    (C) was broadcasting
    (D) No Improvement
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  2. After a few hours, his unconscious patient began to come out
    (A) Round
    (B) On
    (C) Up
    (D) No Improvement
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  3. Netaji was by far a great man of India.
    (A) a very great man
    (B) too great a man
    (C) the greatest man
    (D) No Improvement
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  4. My brother-in-law has a house for letting.
    (A) for letting out
    (B) to rent out
    (C) to let
    (D) no improvement
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  5. After the heavy rains last week, the water in the lake raised another two feet.
    (A) rose another two feet
    (B) rised another two feet
    (C) would raise another two feet
    (D) no improvement
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  6. He sent a wordto me that he would be coming late.
    (A) sent word
    (B) had sent a word
    (C) sent words
    (D) no Improvement
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  7. The right to work implies the obligation on the part of the government to give a job to all the unemployed.
    (A) any of the unemployed
    (B) every unemployed
    (C) each of the unemployed
    (D) No improvement
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  8. He has fallen out with the girl he wanted to marry.
    (A) fallen off
    (B) fallen in love
    (C) fallen for
    (D) no improvement
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  9. When it was dark, they decided to put at an inn.
    (A) put off with
    (B) put up at
    (C) put out in
    (D) no improvement
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  10. If I am present there now, I would help him.
    (A) I was
    (B) I were
    (C) I have been
    (D) no improvement
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