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Quick Revision : Common Fruits and their Edible Parts

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In this Post, We are providing you a table of Common Fruits and their Edible Parts.

Common Fruits and their Edible Parts

Fruits Edible Parts
Apple, Pear Fleshy Thalamus
Banana Mesocarp
Cashewnut cotyledons, fleshy thalamus
Coconut liquid endosperm
Cucumber mesocarp, endocarp
Date Palm fleshy pericarp
Fig fleshy thalamus
Grapes pericarp & placenta
Guava thalamus & pericarp
Litchi fleshy aril
Wheat, Maize starchy endosperm
Mango mesocarp
Pea, Gram cotyledons
Orange juicy placentae
Papaya mesocarp
Pine Apple bracts, receptacles
Pomegranate juicy seed coat
Strawberry fleshy thalamus
Tomato pericarp & placenta
Mustard seed
Jack Fruit bracts, perianth & seeds

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