Friday, January 8, 2016

Physics Quiz for Upcoming SSC CGL, SSC CPO and RRB Non-Technical Exam

In last few years, we have noticed that the portion of General Awareness section is getting important for all exams. It means that you will have to focus more on Science, Current Events, Economy etc.

Today we are providing a quiz on Physics for Upcoming SSC CGL, SSC CPO and RRB Non-Technical Exam. If you want to check more quizzes on Physics, click on below given link.
  1. A bullet is fired from a rifle which recoils after firing. The ratio of kinetic energy of the rifle to that of the bullet is
    (A) zero
    (B) one
    (C) less than one
    (D) more than one
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  2. Negative feedback in amplifiers
    (A) Increases bandwidth and decreases noise
    (B) Decreases bandwidth and decreases noise
    (C) Increases bandwidth and increases noise
    (D) Decreases bandwidth and increases noise
    (E) None
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  3. Two rods, one of copper and other of steel, experience the same upthrust when placed in water. Thus both have
    (A) Equal volume
    (B) Equal Wait
    (C) Equal Density
    (D) Equal Mass
    (E) None of these
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  4. Tear gas used by the police to disperse the mob contains
    (A) Carbon Dioxide
    (B) Chlorine
    (C) Ammonia
    (D) Hydrogen Sulphate
    (E) Hydrogen Sulphide
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  5. The temperature which has the same reading on both Fahrenheit and Celsius scale is
    (A) 40 degree
    (B) -40 degree
    (C) -34 degree
    (D) -140 degree
    (E) 98 degrees
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  6. Permissible noise level at Residential area during night time is
    (A) 45 dB
    (B) 55 dB
    (C) 75 dB
    (D) 80 dB
    (E) None
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  7. In AC circuits, AC meter measures
    (A) mean values
    (B) rms values
    (C) peak values
    (D) mean square values
    (E) None
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  8. The width of depletion layer of a P-N junction
    (A) Decreases with light doping
    (B) Increases with heavy doping
    (C) is independent of applied voltage
    (D) is increased under reverse bias
    (E) None of these
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  9. Safety fuse wire used in domestic electrical appliances is made of metal of low
    (A) Resistance
    (B) Melting Point
    (C) Specific Gravity
    (D) Conductance
    (E) None
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  10. The following particles move with same kinetic energy. Which of them has maximum momentum?
    (A) Electron
    (B) Proton
    (C) Deutron
    (D) Alpha Particles
    (E) None
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