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Important G.K Questions for SSC Exams with Answers - Part 5

Hello Friends. Today, we are posting the Part -5 of the Important G.K Questions series. The best part of this series is, most of the questions are provided by users who either appeared in previous year SSC Exams or preparing for the upcoming SSC Exams.

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  1. Which is the most abundant gas in earth's atmosphere? -  Nitrogen 
  2. Which is the most abundant noble gas in earth's atmosphere?-  Argon 
  3. Weather phenomena like cloud, rain, snow, storm etc are formed in which atmospheric layer of earth ?- Troposphere 
  4. In which atmospheric layer the phenomenon Aurora Borealis occurs ?-  Thermosphere
  5. What is the acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity ? - Zero
  6. Which is the weakest force in the universe ?- Gravitational Force
  7. Which is the strongest force in the universe ?- Nuclear Force 
  8. What is the CGS unit of force ? - Dyne
  9. Who discovered the law of inertia ?- Galileo Galilei
  10. The ability of a liquid to rise by defying gravity is called ?- Capillarity
  11. Who is the Father of nuclear Physics ?- Ruther ford
  12. Who discovered Natural radio activity ?- Henri Becquerel
  13. Who coined the term Radio Activity ?- Marie Curie
  14. What is the SI unit of radio activity ?- Becquerel
  15. What is the Script of Ashoka's inscription ? - Brahmi
  16. Which  of  the  following  articles  of constitution  says  that  the  executive  power  of  every  state  shall  be  so  exercised  as  not  to  impede  or  prejudices the  exercise  of  the  executive  power  of  India ?-  Article 257
  17. During the time of which Mughal emperor did the English East India Company establish its first factory in India ?- Jahangir
  18. What is the Script of Ashoka's inscription ?- Brahmi
  19. The first temporary president of Constituent Assembly?- Dr. Sachidanand Sinha 
  20. Who is known as Modern Bhoja ?- Krishnadeva Raya
  21. Which Pakistan President signed the Tashkent Agreement  ?- Ayub Khan
  22. Which Substance is known as Philosopher's wool ?- Zinc Oxide
  23. Who discovered Rh Factor ? - Karl Landsteiner
  24. Which is the shortest River in the world ? - Roe
  25. Dyne is the unit of ______ ? - Force
  26. Who is the law Adviser of the central Government ? - Attorney General
  27. Which is the acid present in tomato ? - Oxalic acid
  28. Which disease is also known as Hansen's disease ? - Leprosy
  29. Who gave the Pacific Ocean its name ? - Magellan
  30. Which chemical is used to make artificial rain ? - silver iodide

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Important G.K Questions for SSC Exams with Answers

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