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Collection of Important Questions from Solar System for SSC Exams

In this Post, We are providing you a list of all Important questions from "The Solar System". These are the questions which are normally asked in SSC Exams. You can also check some of other G.K Posts by clicking on below given links:

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Important Questions from "The Solar System"

  1. The nearest large galaxy of Milky Way is - Andromeda Galaxy
  2. The Sun's nearest known star is a red dwarf called - Proxima Centuri
  3. The part of the Sun that we can see is known as - Photosphere
  4. The outer most part of Sun which is visible only at the time of solar eclipse is known as - Corona
  5. Biggest Planet- Jupiter
  6. Biggest Satellite - Gannymede
  7. Blue Planet - Earth
  8. Green Planet - Uranus
  9. Brightest Planet - Venus
  10. Brightest Planet outside Solar System - Sirius (Dog Star)
  11. Coldest Planet - Neptune
  12. Evening Star- Venus
  13. Farthest Planet from Sun - Neptune
  14. Planet with maximum number of Satellites - Jupiter
  15. Fastest revolution in Solar System - Mercury
  16. Hottest Planet - Venus
  17. Densest Planet - Earth
  18. Fastest rotation in solar system - Jupiter
  19. Morning star - Venus
  20. Nearest Planet to Earth - Venus
  21. Nearest Planet to Sun - Mercury
  22. Red Planet - Mars
  23. Slowest revolution in Solar system - Neptune
  24. Slowest rotation in Solar System - Venus
  25. Smallest Planet - Mercury
  26. Smallest Satellite - Deimos
  27. Earth's twin - Venus
  28. Only satellite with an atmosphere like Earth - Titan
  29. Uranus is tilted at 90 degree, so it almost rolls around the Sun. Hence it is also called as Lying planet.
  30. Uranus is green in appearance due to presence of methane.
  31. Asteroids are the group of more than 1600 tiny rock pieces moving around the Sun in between - Mars and Jupiter
  32. The gravity of moon is 1/6th that of the earth.

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