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Compendium of Important G.K Questions for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC CPO - Part 2

We provided the list of 30 Important G.K question in Part-1 of the Compendium. Moving ahead, We are providing you the Part -2 of the Compendium.It is also a part of our recently started Mission SSC CGL 2016 series. In this series, we post Quizzes on various subjects daily. Apart from that, we also post strategic posts and some concept based tricks. If you haven't participated in our old quizzes, you might want to have a look on them.

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  2. English Quiz on Spotting Errors
  3. English Quiz on One-Word Substitution
  4. Quiz on Indian History 
  5. Quiz on General Science
  6. Reasoning Quiz -   Set 1      Set 2
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Economic Affairs of India
  1. What is the new base year of Consumer Price Index (CPI) - 2012
  2. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport is located in  - Amritsar
  3. The rate at which RBI gives short term loan to commercial banks is called - Repo Rate
  4. The financial year for banks is April-March but for RBI it is - July- June
  5. How many entities have recently been approved by RBI as payment banks? - Eleven entities including Indian Post
  6. International Labour Day is observed on - May 1
  7. ECOMARC is a symbol related to - Goods safe for environment
  8. Sodhi Committee was associated with the Review of - Insider Trading Regulations
  9. The gap between the Government's total spending and the sum of its revenue receipts and non-debt capital receipts is called - Fiscal Deficit
  10. National Rural Development Institute is located at - Hyderabad

Geography ( India and the World )
  1. Which rocks are also called Volcanic rocks? - Igneous rocks
  2. Which clouds are also known as thunderstorm clouds? - Cumulo-nimbus clouds
  3. The houses of original inhabitants of the Sahara desert, made of dry grass are known as - Zeribas
  4. Jelep La Pass is located in - Sikkim
  5. Zawar in Udaipur district of Rajasthan is a major mining area of - Lead
  6. Which Indian river is called a 'biological desert' due to its heavy pollution load? - Damodar
  7. The Purna is an important tributary of the river - Tapti
  8. Convectional rainfall mainly occurs in - Equitorial region
  9. The largest river system in peninsular India is - Godavari
  10. World Habitat Day is observed on - October 3

Science & Technology

  1. Dynamo is a device which transforms mechanical energy into - Electrical energy
  2. Which is the smallest possible unit of a chemical compound? - Molecule
  3. The acid generally stored in batteries is - Sulphuric acid
  4. Fructose is the chemical name of - Fruit Sugar
  5. The study of the contours and qualities of mind from the shape of the skull is known as - Phrenology
  6. In case of chemical change, what is generally affected? - Electron
  7. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is located in - Hyderabad
  8. Vitamin D is also known as - Calciferol
  9. The vegetation found in saline soil is termed as - Halophytes
  10. Lymph differs from blood in not having - Red blood corpuscles

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