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List of Nouns Followed by Particular Prepositions Only

There are some selected Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs which are followed by some particular Prepositions only. For this reason, they are very important for exam. In this post, we are providing you the List of Nouns which are followed by Particular Prepositions only. We will provide the list of Adjectives & Verbs in next post.

Nouns followed by Prepositions

>) Acquaintance with  : I have no acquaintance with Maria.

>) Affection for : Raman has a strong affection for that poor girl.

>) Apology for  : She offered him an apology for her conduct.

>) Aptitude for : The Marwaris have great aptitude for business.

>) Assurance of Mr.Desai gave us no assurance of his support.

>) Blame for : Advani accepted blame for the accident.

>) Candidate for : Raman is a candidate for the post.

>) Capacity for : Aftab has no capacity for mastering facts.

>) Care of : Take care of your health.

>) Cause for : There is no cause for anxiety.

>) Cause of : She is the cause of the whole trouble.

>) Charge of : A charge of murder was laid at his door.

>) Claim on : I have every claim on you.

>) Claim to : He set up a claim to the throne.

>) Complaint against : Why don't you lodge a complaint against your noisy

>) Confidence in : I hope she will justify my confidence in her.

>) Control over : Miss Helen has no control over her class.

>) Disgrace to   : She is a disgrace to her family.

>) Duty to          : We owe a duty to our country.

>) Excuse for    : He has no excuse for remaining absent.

>) Fondness for : His fondness for her is natural.

>) Freedom from : Health means freedom from care.

>) Grief at : He felt grief at the death of his son.

>) Hatred for : Her hatred for him was very great.

>) Heir to : The prince is heir to the throne.

>) Influence with : I have no influence with the Magistrate.

>) Interest in : I have no interest in music.

>) Invitation to : She has sent us an invitation to dinner.

>) Leniency to : You have shown undue leniency to her.

>) Leisure for : I have no leisure for amusement.

>) Limit to : There is no limit to his ambition.

>) Longing for : Her longing for her son is great.

>) Match for : Peter is no match for Abraham.

>) Need of : Raman is always in need of money.

>) Neglect of : He is blamed for neglect of duty.

>) Obedience to : I praise her obedience to her husband.

>) Objection to : I have no objection to your going there.

>) Peace with : I am always at peace with my neighbours.

>) Pity for : The king felt pity for the poor.

>) Prejudice against : He has a prejudice against Hakims.

>) Pride in : Her great pride in her wealth is foolish.

>) Progress in : Jack had made no progress in her studies.

>) Quarrel with : I know nothing of his quarrel with her.

>) Regard for : I have a great regard for him.

>) Remedy for : Quinine is a remedy for malaria.

>) Reputation for : Ghafoor has a reputation for honesty.

>) Respect for : The young have no respect for old age.

>) Slave to : A drunked is a slave to drink.

>) Slave of : You musn't make a slave of your servant girl.

>) Subscription to : What is your subscription to the Famine Relief Fund?

>) Sympathy for : All the people felt great sympathy for her in her troubles.

>) Sympathy with : I have no sympathy with her foolish views.

>) Taste for : Kamala has no taste for music.

>) Traitor to : He is a traitor to his country.

>) (The) Victim of : She is the victim of her own foolishness.

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