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List of Adjectives & Participles followed by Particular Prepositions Only

There are some selected Nouns, Adjectives and Verbs which are followed by some particular Prepositions only. For this reason, they are very important for exam. We have already provided the list of Nouns followed by Particular Preposition. In this post, we are providing you the List of Adjectives and Participles which are followed by Particular Prepositions only. We will provide the list of Adjectives & Verbs in next post.


>) Accused of : Ghulam was accused of theft.

>) Acquainted with  : Are you acquainted with her?

>) Acquitted of : The thief was acquitted of her charge.

>) Addicted of : Tom is addicted to gambling.

>) Adjacent to : The hotel is adjacent to the Post Office.

>) Afflicted with : The old man is afflicted with gout.

>) Afraid of : Don't be afraid of telling the truth.

>) Amazed at : I was amazed at her impudence.

>) Angry with : The teacher was very angry with us.

>) Annoyed at : Raman was annoyed at her behaviour.

>) Anxious for, about : 1) He is anxious for(about) her safety.

                                                         2) She is very anxious about her son's health.

>) Appropriate to : The Prime Minister made a stirring speech  

                                                  appropriate  to the occasion.

>) Ashamed of : Mary is ashamed of her conduct.

>) Astonished at : All were astonished at her disobedience.

>) Averse to : Pratap is averse to regular work.

>) Backward in : John is backward in his studies.

>) Beneficial to : Fresh air and good food are beneficial to the health.

>) Bent on : Joseph is bent on mischief.

>) Blessed with : May you always be blessed with good health.

>) Blind in : The carpenter is blind in the right eye.

>) Blind to : Rashida is blind to her own faults.

>) Born of : Gandhiji was born of rich parents.

>) Bound for : The ship is bound for England.

>) Busy with : Jack is busy with his lessons.

>) capable of : She is capable of improvement.

>) Careful about : She is very careful about her dress.

>) Charged with : The beggar was charged with theft.

>) Confident of : Peter is confident of success.

>) Conscious of : Shakuntala is conscious of her faults.

>) Contented  with : She is contented with her lot.

>) Contrary to : The boys acted contrary to my instructions.

>) Convenient for : Will the 4.50 train be convenient for you?

>) Courteous to : She is courteous to all.

>) Deaf to : He was deaf to all her entreaties.

>) Deficient in : She is deficient in common sense.

>) Dependent on : She is dependent on her parents.

>) Desirous of : Raman is desirous of going abroad.

>) Different from : His religious views are different from hers.

>) Disgusted with : I am disgusted with her conduct.

>) Due to : The accident was due to careless driving.

>) Eligible for : He is not eligible for promotion.

>) Engaged to : Shiela is engaged to Harry.

>) Equal to : Sikander was equal to the occasion.

>) Essential to : Health is essential to happiness.

>) Faithful to : The dog is very faithful to his master.

>) False to : Abraham proved  false to his friends.

>) Familiar to : Her name seems quite familiar to me.

>) Familiar with : I am not familiar with her tricks.

>) Famous for : He is famous for his learning.

>) Fit for : Saqlan is fit for the job.

>) Fond of : Girls are fond of dolls.

>) Free from : No one is free from faults.

>) Full of : This book is full of mistakes.

>) Glad of : I am glad of your success.

>) Good at : She is good at Mathematics.

>) Good for : This medicine is good for headache.

>) Greedy for : Arsalan is greedy of gain/honours.

>) Guilty of : The beggar was found guilty of theft.

>) Honest in : Sami is not honest in his dealings.

>) Hopeful of : Is she hopeful of success?

>) Ignorant of : The Headmaster is ignorant of facts.

>) Ill with : Manorama is ill with fever.

>) Indifferent to : They are indifferent to their own business.

>) Infested with:- This house is infested with rats.

>) Injurious to : Alcohol is injurious to health.

>) Intent to : He was intent on winning a scholarship.

>) Interested in : Why are you interested in Maria?

>) Introduced to : I was introduced to the Collector.

>) Jealous of : He is jealous of his friend's success.

>) Lame in : The beggar was lame in the left leg.

>) Lost to : Tom is lost to all sense of shame.

>) Loyal to : The princes were loyal to the Government.

>) Married to : Sheila was married to Raman.

>) Negligent in : He was negligent in his work.

>) Negligent of : He was negligent of his duties.

>) Obedient to : Aftab is obedient to his parents.

>) Obliged to : I am obliged to her for kindness.

>) Occupied by : This house is occupied by his fiance.

>) Occupied with : He is just now occupied with the translation of a French novel.

>) Occupied in : He is occupied in translating a French novel.

>) Offended with,at : She was offended with her husband at his remarks.

>) Open to : She is not open to conviction.

>) Overwhelmed with : She was overwhelmed with grief.

>) Owing to : Owing to his careless driving,we had a bad accident.

>) Partial to : We are all partial to our friends.

>) Peculiar to : This is a custom peculiar to the Japanese.

>) Popular with : Mr George is popular with his neighbours.

>) Preferable to : Health is preferable to wealth.

>) Proficient in : John is proficient in Mathematics.

>) Proud of : He is proud of his wealth.

>) Quick at : This boy is quick at inventing excuses.

>) Reconciled with : Ultimately she became reconciled with her husband.

>) Reduced to : The prince was reduced to poverty.

>) Related to : Is she related to you?

>) Repentant of : Mary is repentant of her folly.

>) Respectful to : Good boys are respectful to all.

>) Satisfied with : I am satisfied with her conduct.

>) Sensitive to : She is sensitive to praise and blame.

>) Serviceable to : This umbrella will be serviceable to you in the rainy season.

>) Shocked at : All of us were shocked at the news of his death.

>) Short of : Jack is always short of money.

>) Sick of : I am sick of being blamed for everything that goes wrong.

>) Similar to : Their customs are similar to ours.

>) Slow of : Slow of hearing ,slow to make up one's mind,slow at accounts,

                      Slow to anger.

>) Sorry for : The Headmaster was sorry for his mistake.

>) Steeped in : Mahmud is steeped in vice and poverty.

>) Suited to : His speech was suited to the occasion.

>) Sure of : *) Are you sure of your facts?

                             *) Can we be sure of his honesty?

>) Suspicious of : The policeman became increasingly suspicious of his


>) Sympathetic to : She is sympathetic to(towards) suffers.

>) Thankful for : We ought to be thankful to God for His small mercies.

>) Tired of : Everyone is tired of doing nothing.

>) True to : Abraham is true to his friends.

>) Useful for : Salt is useful for many purposes.

>) Vain of : She is vain of her beauty.

>) Versed in : He is well versed in Mathematics.

>) Vexed at : He was vexed at his failure.

>) Weak in : My daughter is weak in Mathematics.

>) Worthy of : He is worthy of our reverence and esteem.

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