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SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam 2015 : Last Minute Tips

Staff Selection Commission will conduct Combined Graduate Level Exam on 9th & 16th August 2015. The last weekend before the exam has started. If you are serious about CGL Exam, this weekend is critical. A few days of the right practice and  guidance can be the difference between selection and disappointment.. In this post, we are providing some SSC CGL Last Minute Tips that can prove beneficial to you.

SSC CGL Tier-1 2015 Countdown  -  

1. Don't Stress
The time has come when you will take the exam for which you all must have been working really hard from last so many months. We know that you all are anxious and little worried about the exam and must be busy with your last minute preparations and revision. You all need to keep calm and try not to get stressed. Stress and Anxiety will only spoil things instead of helping. Some common effects of Stress are:

  • Headache
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Mental Blackouts
  • Restless Thoughts
  • Trouble in Concentration
  • Nausea
  • Dry Mouth

2. Time Management is the Key
In SSC CGL Exam, you get just 120 minutes for solving 200 questions. It means, you don't even get 1 minutes for solving single question. So what you need to do is to attempt only those question in which you are confident enough. First of all, read the question at least once. If your preparation is good, you can easily decide whether you would be able to solve a particular question or not. If you are not familiar with any question, move to the next question without wasting time.

3.Don't study any New Topic

Don't read anything new topics or concept, just revise the topics you have already done. It has been observed that when you engage yourself in heavy preparation at last moment, you tend to mix up concept which can create confusion during exam.

4. Revise & Practice
If you want to crack the written exam of SSC CGL 2015 Tier-1 exam, you need to have a strict look at your watch because you can't let even a second go waste. In tier-1 exam, there are 200 questions that needs to get solved in 120 minutes which is not an easy task. You would get less than a minute to solve a single question. For getting better result, you need better Time Management which is not possible without proper Revision & Practice. Revise the topics you have already done and solve previous year questions and practice sets. It will really help.

5. Focus on Accuracy rather than Attempts
Considering the current format of SSC CGL Exam where there is negative marking for each wrong answer, it's actually the "Accuracy" not the number of attempts that decides whether you will be selected or rejected. For Example, you can't qualify even after attempting more than 150 questions if majority of your answers are incorrect. On the other hand, you can easily qualify after attempting just 120 questions with accuracy. So, Attempt only those questions in which there is no scope of error.

It's almost impossible to attempt all 200 questions accurately in 120 minutes. So, you should make a target before exam and try to attempt only those questions in which you are confident.

6. Attempting Questions in Different Sections
General Awareness and English are two sections which doesn't consume too much time. If you know answers, these sections will hardly take 20 minutes combined(both English and G.S section). We therefore recommend you to start with General Awareness Section. Once done, jump to English Section. Other two sections are Reasoning and Maths. Out of these two, Reasoning section is considered lot more easier and thus consume less time so jump to "Reasoning Section". At the end, solve questions of "Maths Section". 

Note - The above mentioned strategy is recommended by us. However, you can start with any section you want(depending upon your knowledge and strength in any particular subject).

7.Time Management Strategy
Give 10-12 minutes to "General Awareness" section, 15-20 minutes to English Section,20-25 minutes to "Reasoning" and rest of time to "Maths Section". Remember, you need at least 50-60 minutes for solving 35-45 questions in mathematics. Remember, Tukka doesn't work at all so don't try Tukka or Guesses. If you don't know any question, it's better to leave it because a wrong answer can deduct your 0.25 marks.

8. Filling Oval takes too much time. How to save my time during exam?
Actually, students follow two approaches to fill ovals, one to fill it question by question and other to fill it after attempting all the questions. According to us, the first approach is time consuming while the other is more feasible to make mistakes. We therefore suggest you to follow a middle approach i.e "Fill ovals after completing every 10-15 questions". 

9.How to attempt questions in Maths?
During Exam, every student feels that he/she know how to solve each and every question but the key is,  how to solve these question in 2 hours. Attempt only those question in which you are confident enough. We suggest you to start with Data Interpretation questions. Once done, jump on questions of Advanced Mathematics which are less time consuming. But again, this approach depends on- which is your stronger part.

10.  How to Attempt English Questions in Tier-1 Exam?
The strategy remains the same which means, focus on solving questions in which you are strong and confident. Normally, students start with "Comprehension" section. We don't recommend this approach. We suggest you to start with finding errors. The order of attempting questions should in following manner: Error Findings, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and phrases, One word Substitution,  Comprehension and Sentence Rearrangement.

11. Reach Venue before 30 Minutes
It's quite essential for the candidate to reach the examination centre before time. We advise you to reach the place 30 minutes prior to the time of examination. This will help you to avoid all kind of discomfort and problem that may arise due to traffic jams and other transporation issues. A better approach is to visit the examination center a day before the examination so that you can get an idea about the exact location of your exam center.

12. Documents to Carry

Candidates should keep in mind to carry an Id proof(Voter Id card, PAN Card, College ID Card etc),two Passport size photograph and an admit card. Carrying these documents will keep you away from all the problems that can arise regarding your identity. 

Note - Carrying your photograph is not necessary because SSC normally doesn't ask you to submit photograph in your exam centre. However, we still recommend you to carry it in order to avoid any unfavorable condition.

If you have any other Doubt, feel free to Ask via comments !!

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