Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Daily Vocabulary Wordlist from "The Hindu"

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As you all know, Vocabulary plays an Important role in all competitive Exams.So, we are starting a new series where we will provide you a list of Important Words which are used in top Newspapers like "The Hindu".

Vocabulary Word List from "The Hindu"

1. Profuse - Plentiful (Used along with vomiting, sweating, bleeding)
Ex – He was bleeding profusely.
Syno – Abundant, Lavish, Extravagant

2. Ascertain – Find out the definite fact
Ex – Take time to ascertain what services the bank is providing.

3. Upheaval – A great change which causes a lot of trouble
Ex – Having a baby will mean greatest upheaval in your life.
Syno – Confusion, Worry

4. Clamber up – Climb with difficulty
Ex – A vast number of people in the lower section of society clambering up the social ladder.

5. Confined to – Exist only to a particular group
Ex – The problem is not confined to Germany.

6. Lull - To fall quiet
Ex – There is a complete lull in the agricultural lands in Amaravati.

7. Devoid – Lack or free from
Ex – I’ve never looked on a face that was so devoid of feeling.

8. Swath- Long strip of land
Ex – Year by year great swathes of this small nation’s countryside disappear.

9. Desolate – (i)A place empty of people and lack in comfort
Ex – The farm land now wears a desolate looks.
(ii) Aloneness, Sad, Hopelessness
Ex – He was desolate without her.

10. Hitherto – Until this time, Up to now
Ex – The villagers, hitherto known for their rich agriculture.

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