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Daily Vocabulary Word List from "The Hindu"

English is Achilles heel for many students. One of the major reason behind their weakness in English Language is, they treat it like some other subjects like Physics, History, Geography etc. They make notes of English and study them before exam. Believe me, that's not the way to improve your english. If you want to Improve your English, you will have to use it in your daily life. There is no shortcut or magical formula for becoming the master of English in just few days. We have started this series "Daily Word List from "The Hindu"" for you. If you haven't checked the part one post, Click here to check it here.

Vocabulary Word List from "The Hindu"

1. Cast aspersions on – To suggest that a person is not very good in some way

2. Hotbed – An environment promoting the growth of something negative

  • Ex – Chattisgarh is the hotbed of Naxals.
  • Synonyms – Breeding ground, Cradle, Nest, Den, Seedbed

3. Affront – Insult, Hurt feelings

  • Ex – He pretended to be affronted.
  • Syno – Offence, Indignity, Snub, Slur

4. Peril – Great danger

  • Ex – We are in the gravest peril.
  • Syno – Jeopardy, Hazard, Menace

5. Pursuit – An act of achieving something

  • Ex – Pursuit of happiness, excellence
  • Syno – Chasing, Stalking, Tracking

6. Veer – Suddenly move in a particular direction

  • Ex – The plane veered off the runway.
  • Syno – Swerve, Skew, Swing, Sheer

7. Brazen – Very bold attitude (Who don’t care what other people think about him)

  • Ex – The new govt seems rather brazen compared to its predecessors.
  • Syno – shameless, brash, immodest 

8. Raise hackles – Something which makes someone angry and hostile

  • Ex – It has raised the hackles of students.

9. Invigorating – Energetic feeling

  • Ex – A invigorating walk.

10. Elitist – Powerful, rich or talented people within a group, place, society

  • Ex – The legal profession is starting to be less elitist and more
  • representative.

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