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SSC CGL 2015 : English Quiz on Idioms & Phrases

English Quiz on Idioms & Phrases

Directions (1 -10) :In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the Idioms/Phrases printed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idiom/ Phrases.

1. To be a successful lawyer, one must know how to dot one's i's and cross one's t's.
  1. complete one task at a time
  2. write great letters
  3. deal with paperwork
  4. be detailed and exact
2. When Ramu lost the money, he was down in the dumps.
  1. accusing others of stealing
  2. searching everywhere
  3. sad and depressed
  4. very angry at himself
3. He turned up his nose at my offer.
  1. was taken aback by my offer.
  2. found it hard to believe my offer
  3. treated my offer with contempt
  4. could not accept my offer

4. There are no hard and fast rules that cannot be relaxed on such an occassion
  1. that is difficult to solve
  2. that can be altered
  3. that is very quick
  4. that cannot be altered
5. Her father strained every nerve to enable her to get settled in life
  1. worked very hard
  2. spent a huge amount
  3. tried all tricks
  4. bribed several persons
6.The representatives of the two states tried to enforce a treaty which was a dead letter
  1. not well thought out
  2. no longer in force
  3. no longer relevant
  4. not in keeping with the changing time
7. On hearing the news of the kidnapping, she became afraid of her own shadow
  1. cold and distant
  2. afraid of her own safety
  3. very nervous and easily frightened
  4. afraid of being alone
8.To be fair and square
  1. worthy
  2. honest
  3. successful
  4. obedient
9.She just needs forty winks in order to be able to work all night
  1. someone's help
  2. to take a stroll
  3. a short nap
  4. a little cooperation
10. The minute she arrived at the office, she was given the pink slip
  1. a raise
  2. a promotion
  3. a letter to inform that she had lost her job
  4. a letter to inform that she'd been transferred.

  1. (4) Dot your i's and cross your t's = to pay attention to the small details when you are finishing a task.
  2. (3) Down in the dumps = feeling unhappy; depressed.
  3. (3) Turn your nose up at something = to refuse something, especially because you do not think it good enough for you.
  4. (4) Hard and Fast = that cannot be changed in any circumstances.
  5. (1) Strain every nerve/ sinew (to do something) = to try as hard as you can do something.
  6. (2) A Dead Letter = a law or an agreement that still exists but that is ignored.
  7. (3) Afraid/ scared of your own shadow= to be very easily frightened; to be nervous
  8. (2) To be fair and square / fairly and squarely = honest and according to rules
  9. (3) Forty winks = a short sleep, especially during the day.
  10. (3) Pink Slip = a letter given to somebody to say that they must leave their job

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