Sunday, July 12, 2015

How to use "Can" & "Could" correctly?

Use of Modal Auxiliary Verbs

(1) Used to Express Power, Ability and Capacity.
  • He can lift the box.
  • He can't speak English.
  • I can make jewelry

(2) Used for taking/ giving permission
  • You can go now
  • can i use your bathroom?
  • can i leave now?

(3) Used to make friendly request or suggestion
  • Can I take your scooter?
  • can i have the bill?
  • You can take this spot if you like

(4) Can denotes theoretical possibility.
  • Everyone can make a mistake.

(1) Describes an ability, power or capacity that someone had in the past:
  • I could swim when I was young.
  • You could see the boat sinking.
  • I could not come yesterday

(2) Could shows Formal Request
  • Could I talk to Mr. Shukla?
  • Could you please let me pass you?
  • Could I get you more water?
(3) used to express Remote possibility
  • There could be a bomb under your seat
  • You could always stay at our house
  • This plan could really work out

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