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All about Question Tag and its Different Rules

Question Tag
Ram works hard, doesn't he?
He is not coming, is he?

A short Question following a sentence is called a question tag.

Rules for Making Question Tag
  1. The sentence and the question tag  must be in the same tense.
  2. If the Sentence is positive, the question tag must be negative and vice versa.
  3. Always use pronoun in the question tag.
  4. For negative question tag, use the Contracted form of 'helping verb' and 'not' .E.g didn't, hadn't, won't etc.

Some Important Rules
Rule- 1 :: There is no contracted form of 'am not' but 'aren't' is used in question tag. 
  • Eg- I am fine, aren't I?
Rule-2 :: Each, every, everyone, everybody, no one, nobody, none are singular and hence will take singular verb/ singular pronoun/ singular adjective with them but their question tag will take plural verb and plural pronoun.
  • E.g- Everyone has come, hasn't he ( Incorrect)
  • Everyone has come, haven't they (correct)
  • None of your friends like her, do they
  • Everyone can speak English, can't they?
Rule-3:: Collective noun takes singular verb and singular pronoun in question tag.
  • E.g.- The jury has taken its decision, hasn't it?
Rule-4:: If we talk about the individual members of the collective noun or if there is a difference in opinion among the members of the collective noun, plural verb and plural pronoun are used.
  • E.g.- The comm are divided in their opinion, aren't they?
  • The audience have taken their seats, haven't they?

Rule-5:: Some words are negative in meaning . For e.g. hardly, seldom, scarcely, rarely, barely etc. Hence they will take positive question tag after them.
  • E.g.- He hardly does any work, does he?
  • He found barely anything to eat , did he?
  • He is seldom absent, is he?

Rule-6:: If the sentence starts with "let us/ let's ", " shall we" is used in the question.
  • E.g.- Let us go to party tonight, shall we?

Rule-7:: In Imperative sentences, question tag 'won't you' is used.
  • E.g- come in, won't you?

Rule-8:: If in a imperative sentence, somebody is being offered anything, or if someone is being asked to do something, "will you/ would you" is used in the question tag.
  • E.g- Open the door, would you?
  • Have some more tea, would you?

Rule-9:: "Can't You" is used in the question tag to express impatience.
  • E.g- Shut your mouth, Can't you?

Rule-10:: In negative imperative sentence , "will you?" is used in the question tag.
  • E.g- Do not worry, will you?

Rule-11:: If a sentence starts with "There", the question tag will have "there" in the place of pronoun.
  • E.g- There is no water , is there?
  • There were no good schools in the town, were there?

Rule-12:: Question tag is always made in accordance with the main part of the sentence.
  • E.g- I think, he is right, isn't he? (Here 'I think' is not important and hence it is not the main part of the sentence".

Questions for Practice 
Provide suitable question tag for the following sentences.

  1. I am happy.
  2. I don't write letters.
  3. I didn't go to college yesterday.
  4. It is very cold.
  5. You haven't eaten anything.
  6. She doesn't drive carelessly.
  7. I have called him up.
  8. The boys are quite boisterous.
  9. My friend Ram is an egoist.
  10. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

  1. arent't I
  2. do I
  3. Did I?
  4. Isn't it?
  5. have you?
  6. does she?
  7. haven't I?
  8. aren't they?
  9. isn't he?
  10. isn't he?

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