Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SSC CGL 2014 Interview Experience Panel 2 (Chandigarh) - 16th June 2015

The Panel consisted of 2 male and 1 female. I entered the room and wished them good Morning.

Female asked me do you belong to rohtak.
  • I answered no mam I am from HANSI which is in hisar district of Haryana.
Female: then why you have written that you live there.
  • I answered mam I did graduation from mdu rohtak.
Female- OK.You have done to aapne summer training to ki hogi 6 month ki.
  • I answered no mam training start from 2009 batch and I started course in 2008.
Men asked: are you sure?
  • I replied - yes sir
Men again asked- 3rd k bad to 1 month ki training hoti h WO to ki hogi?
  • I replied yes sir I attended jai bharat Maruti gurgaon for 15 days.
Men cross questioned- What did you learn there and what was the role of you there?
  • I replied sir mujhe sirf whan par operations ko observe karne k liye kha gya tha sijhaya bilkul bhi nhi.I observe welding punching drilling shaping process there.
Men asked: do you know what is the difference between SSC and upsc?
  • I replied sir upsc group A post k liye recruitment karti h and SSC group BCAnd D k lite.
Men asked- is SSC is constitutional body?
  • I replied sir Maine upsc k bare me to suna h but SSC ka bare me nhi suna to I am not sure about this.
Men asked-aapne project banaya hoga to what is the project formulation and requirements for this?
  • I replied this in a better manner.they were impressed.
2nd men asked how to calculate strength of material?
  • I replied brinnel hardness number.
Again asked completion of steel?
  • I replied the correct percentage.
Again asked - hardest material
  • I replied heera(diamond).
Lady asked supreme court me ek decision liya h kal Jesse lakhon logon ko benefit hua kya h WO?
  • I replied I don't know mam.
Lady again asked what is your preference ?
  • I answered CSS .
Again asked what is the work of assistant in CSS?
  • I replied but they don't satisfied?
Lady asked- what is good governance?
  • I replied and they were satisfied.
Lady said OK now you can go.
  • I wished again.

I am not happy with my interview. Lets kya hota hai.

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