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SSC CGL 2015: English Quiz on Spotting Error with Explanation

Direction(1-15): In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error and select answer (1), (2) or (3). If there is no error, your answer is (4).

  1. A milk (1)/ can provide protein(2)/ for nutritionally balanced diet. (3)/ No error(4).
  2. When the football team walked onto the field(1)/ the crowd burst into applause (2)/ but some cheers were heard too (3)/ No error(4).
  3. A lot of form-filling is just red tape(1)/ and sometimes the forms are so complicated (2)/ that people can't make head or tail from them(3)/ No error(4)
  4. You are required to explain(1)/ your conduct within two days(2) / of the receipt of this letter(3)/ No error(4)
  5. I now(1)/ am knowing(2)/ all the facts about him(3)/ No error(4)
  6. Their failure to inspect our factories is a (1)/ clear indications that our(2)/ license will not be renewed(3)/ No error(4)
  7. The Board's decision has provided employees with the opportunity(1)/ to acquire upto 100(2)/ shares by the company.(3)/ No error(4)
  8. He had telephoned yesterday to (1)/ ask how much of the youth(2)/ who attend our classes would be interested in working for a textile company(3)/ No error(4).
  9. If the manufacturing sector continues to grow at the same rate for (1)/ the next few months, I think it(2)/ has a high growth rate this year(3)/ No error(4)
  10. The success of the (1)/ government sponsor job guarantee programme (2)/ has resulted in a drastic drop in poverty(3)/ No error(4)
  11. We had extensively discussions (1)/ with the participants and (2)/ obtained their feedback regarding our new services(3). / No error(4)
  12. The government is working out a new system to compensate (1)/ those companies to sell (2)/ products below the market price(3)/ No error(4)
  13. Though he has promoted to (1)/ the bank's board as a director (2)/ he continues to carry out all his current responsibilities .(3) /No error(4)
  14. Arranging such a large amount (1)/ of funds now will be a problem why (2)/ banks are usually not open so early in the morning.(3)/ No error(4)
  15. We were forced into react (1)/ as no organisation can (2)/ afford to adhere to these outdated regulations.(3)/ No error(4)

Answers with Explanation
  1. (1) Article "A" should be replaced with "The".
  2. (3) "Cheers" should be replaced with "abuses"
  3. (3) "From" should be replaced with "of".
  4. (4) No error
  5. (2) "Am knowing" should be replaced with "Know"
  6. (2) Replace "clear indications that our" by "clear indication that our" as article "a" shows singular sense.
  7. (3) Replace "shares by the company" by "shares of the company".
  8. (2) Before countable Nouns/ Pronouns. "How many" should be used. Hence, replace "ask how much of the youth" by "ask how many of the youths".
  9. (3) Two events are likely in future. Hence, "will be a high growth rate this year" should be used.
  10. (2) Here "government sponsored job guarantee programme" should be used.
  11. (1) Replace "we had extensively discussions" by " we had extensive (Adjective) discussions", as an Adjective qualifies a Noun(discussions).
  12. (2) Replace "those companies to sell" by " those companies which sell".
  13. (1) Here, Passive Voice should be used. Hence, "Though he has been promoted to " will be correct usage.
  14. (2) Replace "of funds now will be a problem why" by " of funds now will be a problem as/because".
  15. (1) Here, an infinitive should be used. Hence, " we were forced to react" will be a proper replacement.

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