Monday, May 18, 2015

SSC CGL 2015: English Quiz on Sentence Improvement

Direction: A part of the sentence is bold . Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (4).

(1) While crossing the road a snake was seen

  1. a snake was moving
  2. he saw a snake
  3. a snake was observed
  4. No Improvement
(2)If you have studied hard, you would have got a first class.
  1. If you studied hard
  2. If you had studied hard
  3. If you would study hard
  4. No Improvement
(3)The new sultan has been able to bear up all opposition.
  1. bear off
  2. bear down
  3. bear out
  4. No Improvement
(4) The watchman was on alert all night.
  1. was on the alert
  2. was off the alert
  3. was alert
  4. No Improvement
(5)Rice is to the Japanese while potato are to many Europeans.
  1. Which 
  2. that
  3. what
  4. No Improvement
(6) It's a long time since you didn't come to see me.
  1. came to 
  2. came not
  3. come to 
  4. No improvement
(7) He comes here often, don't he?
  1. is he
  2. does he
  3. doesn't he
  4. No improvement
(8)She did not like the move, nor I did
  1. nor did I
  2. no I liked it
  3. nor I like it
  4. No Improvement
(9)The Victorian Era noted the end of human dependence on religion.
  1. marked
  2. showed
  3. indicated
  4. No Improvement
(10) The enemy, beaten at every point, fled from the field
  1. having been beaten
  2. was beaten
  3. to be beaten
  4. No Improvement
(11)When I arrived at the gate I found his locking up the door.
  1. I founded his locking
  2. I find his locking
  3. I found him locking
  4. No correction required
(12) The people of several religious sects ostracise the recreant who has abando-ned his faith
  1. has to abandon his faith
  2. have abandoned their faith
  3. have abandoned his faith
  4. No correction required
(13) Many persons attain worldly success by hook or by crook. so they do not deserved to be praised
  1. deserve to praise
  2. deserve to be praised
  3. deserving praising
  4. No correction required
(14) All your attempts are daring but this one is certainly more daring.
  1. certainly the most daring
  2. certainly the more daring
  3. certainly more in daring
  4. No correction required
(15)His master asked him that he had done all the work assigned to him.
  1. that if he had done
  2. if he had done
  3. that if had he done
  4. If had he done
(16) Neither Mohan nor his sister are aware of the arrangements made for them
  1. is aware with the arrangements
  2. are aware for the arrangements
  3. is aware of the arrangements
  4. No correction required
(17) Over the last few years terrorism has emerged likely a great threat to our national integrity.
  1. had emerged as
  2. has emerged as
  3. had emerged like
  4. No correction required
(18)She has such a fine memory that she can recollect anything that has happened many years ago.
  1. that happened
  2. which has happened
  3. that had happened
  4. No correction required
(19)No person in my village evokes such awe and reverence as he.
  1. No persons in my village
  2. No other person in my village
  3. No other persons in my village
  4. No correction required
(20) I have been working at my present job since the day he had gone to his village
  1. I had gone to my
  2. he has gone to his
  3. he went to his
  4. No correction required

  1. (4) No Improvement
  2. (2) If you had studied hard
  3. (4) No Improvement
  4. (1) Was on the alert
  5. (3) What
  6. (1) Came to
  7. (3) doesn't he
  8. (1) nor did I
  9. (1) marked 
  10. (1) having been beaten
  11. (3) I found him locking
  12. (2) have abandoned their faith
  13. (2) deserve to be praised
  14. (1)certainly the most daring
  15. (2)if he had done
  16. (3) is aware of the arrangements
  17. (2)has emerged as
  18. (1)that happened
  19. (2) No other person in my village
  20. (3)he went to his

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