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Quiz on Idioms & Phrases for SSC Exams with Explanation

Quiz on Idioms & Phrases for SSC Exams | Quiz on Idioms & Phrases for FCI Exam.

Direction: In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idioms/phrase printed in bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Idioms/ Phrase.

(1) A brave soldier will never show the white feather in the face of his enemy
  1. show signs of cowardice
  2. act arrogantly
  3. show intimacy
  4. act impudently
(2) The poor man moved from pillar to post to get money.
  1. went to pillars
  2. went to post
  3. went to money lenders
  4. tried his best
(3) You have to be tactful in handling the sensitive matters rather than putting the cart before the horse.
  1. treating these indefferently
  2. behaving thoughtlessly
  3. dealing with these in haste
  4. tackling these in the wrong way
(4) The boys cried with one voice that the examination should be postponded.
  1. unanimously
  2. vehemently
  3. loudly
  4. strongly
(5) The scheme appears worthless at the first blush.
  1. first attempt
  2. first sight
  3. first step
  4. first phase
(6) His pronunciation was so bad and his voice so low that the speech he made was all Greek to me.
  1. strange
  2. incomprehensible
  3. inaudible
  4. uninteresting

(7) He looked blank when he was informed about his dismissal.
  1. was without any emotion
  2. was puzzled and surprised
  3. was uninterested
  4. was unhappy
(8) That fellow trumped up a story
  1. translated
  2. sang with the music of a trumpet
  3. concoted
  4. copied

(9) Though he is not a scholar, he wins arguments because he has the gift of the gab.
  1. gift from many people
  2. a lot of money
  3. a talent for speaking
  4. a good memory

(10)  The thief passed himself off as a ticket examiner
  1. described himself
  2. deceived everyone
  3. disguised himself
  4. was regarded

Answers with Explanation

    1. (1) Idiom show the white feathers means: show signs of cowardice.
    2. (2)  tried his best
    3. (4) Idiom put the cart before the horse means: to put or do things in the wrong order.
    4. (1) Idiom with one voice means: as a group, with everyone agreeing; unanimously
    5. (2) first sight
    6. (2) Idiom it's Greek to me means: I can't understand it; incomprehensible.
    7. (1) Idiom look blank means: showing no feeling, understanding or interest
    8. (3) Idiom trump up means: to make up a false story about somebody/something ; concot
    9. (3) The idiom the gift of the gab means : the ability to speak easily and to persuade other people with your words.
    10. (3) Idiom pass somebody/ yourself/ something off as somebody/ something means: to pretend that somebody/ something is something they are not; disguise himself.

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