Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SSC English : Quiz on Degree of Comparison

Complete the Sentences:

1. Very few books are read Harry Potter by children.

(a) as much as (b) more than (c) the most
2. Life in the desert is than life in the mountains.

(a) as dreary as (b) the dreariest (c) drearier
3. Honey is medicine.

(a) as good as (b) better than (c) the best
4. School days are than college days.

(a) as enjoyable as (b) more enjoyable (c) the most enjoyable
5. The coconut tree has any other tree.

(a) as much uses as (b) more uses than (c) the most uses of
6. Dogs are as dolphins.

(a) as friendly (b) more friendly (c) the most friendly
7. No other country sells number of cellphones as India after America.

(a) as many (b) more (c) the most
8. Nursing is many other professions.

(a) as noble as (b) nobler than (c) the most noble
9. Very few channels are watched by children the Cartoon Channel.

(a) as much as (b) more than (c) the most
10. Black is the colour.

(a) as dark as (b) darker than (c) darkest
11. Milk is diet.

(a) so good as (b) better than (c) the best
12. Noodles is dish for children and youngsters.

(a) so enjoyable as (b) more enjoyable than (c) the most enjoyable
13. We have not played any match as this.

(a) so bad (b) worse (c) the worst
14. This road is the one in town.

(a) as long as (b) longer than (c) longest

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