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Tips for Cracking SSC CGL 2015 Tier-1 Exam in First Attempt

Staff Selection has already declared the result of SSC CGL 2013 which was pending from a long time. They have also published the result of SSC CGL 2014 Tier-1 Exam. If you want to crack SSC CGL 2015  then you should start following some tips.

SSC CGL 2014 Preparation Strategy – Tips and Tricks to Crack CGL 2014

Why You Fail to Score More?
(1) One of the most popular reason for getting low marks in the exam is, lots of wrong answers or blank answers. Your goal should be to answer more number of correct answers to beat the competition.

(2)Sometime you don't solve easy questions carefully because you focus more on solving harder questions. Remember that you will hurt more if your easy questions gets wrong so be careful while answering the easy one.

(3)Another factor which largely affect is "Time Management". If you are not able to solve questions within 2 hours, you will definitely face problems. In case, you missed 4-5 questions in a row, you will feel the pressure. This mind set will led you to negative time.

(4)If you don't solve Mock Test Papers before the actual exam, you are likely to face problems in exam. Mock test papers are the best way to judge your preparation level.

Tips and Tricks to Crack CGL 2015

  1. Focus on Smart Work rather than Hard Work - Out of complete syllabus, there are few topics which are very important for the exam. For example- Topics like - Percentage, profit & Loss, Trigonometry, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Geometry, Mensuration, Data Interpretation etc are extremely important whereas Topics like - Permutation and Combination, Probability etc are not that important. So, the best strategy is to leave less important topics and focus on more important topics. This approach is called "Focussed Study". In English, focus on Antonyms-Synonyms, One word Substitution,Idioms and Phrases, Spelling Mistakes, Error detection etc. As far as G.S section is concerned, give more time on Biology,History and Polity.
  2. Revision is the Key - Many students don't find much time to revise the topics they read. This is where they make mistake. Revision is the most important part so make a habit to revise the topics you read(Specially Maths). If possible, make a habit of writing important things or formula(in maths). We get mails regarding this problems where students inform us that when they face questions in exam, it appear easy to them but they still fail to solve them on time. That's only because lack of revision.
  3. Solve Mock Test Papers and Previous Year Papers - This part comes under revision as well because Mock test papers helps you to judge your preparation level before exam. After solving Mock Test papers, you would be able to know, how much you know about the syllabus. You can download the mock test paper in this website as well. If you are finding it difficult to find mock test papers, then comment below.
  4. Proper Time Management is the Key: Questions which are asked in SSC CGL Exam are not very tough but it's the "Time Management" which makes the difference. If you want to get good marks in CGL, you must be able to solve questions within 2 Hours. To accomplish this, you must make a timetable of how much time you should give to which section. An ideal approach is : 15 Minutes to General Awareness , 20 Minutes to English , 35 Minutes to Reasoning and Remaining 50 Minutes to Maths. Also remember that 10-15 minutes will be taken by filling of ovals.
  5. Which Section to Solve First - As i informed you earlier, Time management is the key so while deciding which section to attempt first, give importance to time which it takes. An ideal approach is to attempt sections in following manner : (1) General Awareness (As it takes less time) (2) English( It takes less time) , (3) Reasoning Section( The level of reasoning in CGL is not that tough. If you know, you can solve them in minutes) , at last (4) Mathematics ( because it can take time)
  6. Guesses doesn't Work - If you have already attempted SSC CGL exam in the past, you must be knowing that "Guesses doesn't work" .So, don't rely on Guesses in the exam. For getting a government job, students really study hard and give their best so you will have to match their level. There is a provision of negative marking as well so if your guess failed, you will lose 1/4th marks.
  7. Best Books for Cracking SSC CGL Exam - Good books are like good teachers which can help you in cracking the CGL Exam. You can find the list of Best Books Here.

Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win!!

If you have any Doubts, feel free to ask us .!!

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