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Spotting Error Questions asked in SSC CGL Tier-2 2012 with Explanation

Below given questions were asked SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-II Exam held on 16.09.2012. we are providing you the solution of these questions along with explanation.

Direction: In the following questions, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. The number of that part is your answer. If there is no error, your answer is (4).

  1. All the members in the council(1)/ began shouting(2)/at each other(3)/ No error(4)
  2. No sooner did the fisherman Abdul Sattar (1)/ see the bus plunge into the river (2)/ that he immediately rowed his boat to the site and jumped in.(3)/ No error(4)
  3. A pair of shoes(1)/ were standing(2)/ in the corner.(3)/ No error(4)
  4. The Government decided to stop(1)/ all sale of diamonds(2)/ because of the recently passed resolution.(3)/ No error(4)
  5. The advocate leaked(1)/ the matter (2)/ to the media.(3)/ No error(4).
  6. If I would have realised(1)/ what a bad person my friend is(2)/ I would have discorded his friendship(3) No error(4)
  7. Our Vedas and Upanishads(1)/ asked us to tread(2)/ the path of honesty(3)/ No error(4)
  8. The stranded passengers(1)/ have been demanding(2)/ a huge compensation from the Airline Company(3)./ No error(4)
  9. You can spare me(1)/ ten minutes of your valuable time(2)/ Isn't it?(3)/ No error(4)
  10. Daniel was(1) / one of the greatest judges (2)/ that has everlived(3)./ No error(4)
  11. She is (1)/ so capable (2)/ of doing this job.(3)/ No error(4)
  12. That the proposal(1)/ will be rejected (2)/ is too very evident (3)/ No error(4)
  13. A biggest problem (1)/ confronting them (2)/ is the lack of time(3)/ No error(4).
  14. He is (1)/ Junior than the team leader (2)/ by only a few months (3)/ No error(4)
  15. Kindly send (1)/ this letter on (2)/ the address given to you(3). / No error(4)
  16. They have been(1)/ prohibiting me for (2)/ borrowing money(3)/ No error(4)
  17. The victim tried to tell us(1)/ what has happened but (2)/ his words were not audible. (3)/ No error(4)
  18. He had no right (1)/ to attend this meeting since he (2)/ has not been invited for the same (3)/ No error(4)
  19. A dove perched on a near tree (1)/ sees the ant's danger (2)/ and dropped a leaf into the water. (3)/ No error(4).
  20. Last year two Italian prisoners of war (1)/ escapes from a prison camp (2)/ in Kenya during the war (3)/ No error(4)

Answers with Explanation
  1. (3) "Each other" is used when two persons or things are concerned. "One another" is used when more than two persons or things are concerned. Hence, at one another should be used.
  2. (3) No sooner.........than is correct form of correlative. Hence, than he immediately rowed his....will be a correct usage.
  3. (2)Inseparable like scissors, shears, trousers, shoes take plural verb when used as subject. If "a pair of" is used before them, then singular verb is used.
  4. (2) Here, the sale of diamonds abroad/ all sales of.....should be used.
  5. (4) No error
  6. (1) If I had realised....should be used.
  7. (2) As it is a truth, ask us to tread(Simple present)......should be used here.
  8. (4)No error
  9. (3) Here, can't you......should be used.
  10. (3) Here, the antecedent of "that" is judges which is plural. Hence, that have everlived.....should be used.
  11. (4) No error
  12. (3) Here, the use of too and very together is improper. It is better to use "is quite evident".
  13. (1)We use "the" before superlative degree. Hence, the biggest problem should be used.
  14. (2) Junior agrees with preposition "to". Hence, junior to the team leader should be used.
  15. (2) Here, this letter at should be used.
  16. (2) The word prohibit agrees with preposition "from".
  17. (2)Since Main clause is in Past Tense, what had happened but(Past Perfect).....should be used.
  18. (1) Here he has no right(Present) should be used.
  19. (2) Here Simple Past i.e saw the ant's danger.....should be used as next part of the sentence is also in Past Tense.
  20. (2) The event shoes past time. Hence, escaped from a prison camp....should be used.

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