Tuesday, March 24, 2015

List of Important Sciences for SSC Exams

In this post, we are providing you an important list of One Word Substitution questions for SSC Exams related to different sciences


  • Science and art of flying in aircraft -Aviation
  • Science and art of preparing and eating good food- Gastronomy
  • Science and philosophy of human law-Jurisprudence
  • Science and technology of metals- Metallurgy
  • Science dealing with heredity- Genetics
  • Science dealing with the proper use of terms- Terminology
  • Science of animals- Zoology
  • Science of birds or study of birds - Ornithology
  • Science of blood - Haematology
  • Science of causes and effects of illness - Pathology
  • Science of climate - Climatology
  • Science of coins- Numismatics
  • Science of crimes and criminals - Criminology
  • Science of fixing dates - Chronology
  • Science of healthy living- Hygiene
  • Science of human beauty - Kalology
  • Science of inscriptions - Epigraphy
  • Science of living organisms- Biology
  • Science of mankind as an animal- Anthropology
  • Science of mechanical and industrial arts - Technology
  • Science of mental disease- Psychopathology
  • Science of plants - Botany
  • Science of poisons- Toxicology
  • Science of skin and its diseases or Medical study of skin and its diseases - Dermatology
  • Science of the ancient people, society and culture- History
  • Science of the causes of diseases- Aetiology or Etiology
  • Science of the constitution of the whole universe -Cosmography
  • Science of the habits of living things in relation to their environment - Ecology
  • Science of the movement of the planets, sun, etc. and its effect on human lives or  Science of the celestial phenomenon- Astrology
  • Science of the physical structure of the body - Anatomy
  • Science of the races of the mankind and their relation to one another - Ethnology
  • Science of the species of insects or Science of insects- Entomology
  • Science of time - Horology
  • Science of weights- Metrology
  • Science of writing and compiling a dictionary- Lexicography

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