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Mirror Images in Reasoning: Shortcut Tricks

Mirror Image 

The figure obtained by putting a mirror in front of the real image is known as mirror image or we can say that the reflection of an object into the mirror is called its mirror image.

Let us consider an example

From the above figure, it is clear that in a mirror image top and bottom of an image does not change but LHS(Left Hand side) of a real image becomes RHS(Right Hand Side) in mirror image and RHS is real image become LHS in mirror image. So, it can be concluded that the mirror image is the lateral inversion of real image.

Now, look at the following figures:

Take a mirror and place it along the vertical dotted line running through the middle of this shape. You will see that the half figure on the left together with its image in the mirror on the right gives the complete figure of the heart.

So, we can say that on combining the original and mirror image together, they form a symmetry.

Mirror Images of Capital Letters

Mirror Images of Small Letters

Mirror Images of Numbers

Types of Questions
There are two types of questions, which are generally asked in exams, regarding mirror images.

Type 1 : Letter/ Number Images
Here, we are given with a combination of letters/words/numbers. We have to find their mirror images out of given alternatives.

Type 2: Geometrical Images
In this type of questions, we deal with figures having defined geometrical shapes.

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