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SSC CGL Interview Experience by Meher Jayaram(17-01-2015)

SSC CGL Interview Experience by Meher Jayaram(17-01-2015)

My interview as it happened: 17-01-2015 morning in Chennai

After I entered the hall, there I found three member panel consisting two male and one female.

Ch- Chairman     M1-Psychologist        M2-Technical expert (Lady)

Ch: See Jayaram you are... when you got your studies completed?

Me:2010 sir

Ch: What were you doing since then? (I was about to explain him, but he again asked) How many brothers you have?

Me: Sir two elder brothers, both of them are working.

Ch:  What about your mother?

Me: Sir, she is working in revenue dept.

Ch: So who all stay at home?

Me: Me and my mother sir.

Ch: How do you feel for depending on your mother for your livelihood at this age?

Me: Sir, I have taught aptitude for students in a coaching institute for some time.

Ch: What will you get peanuts! You should have tried for a job.      

Me: Sir, recently I got selected for ACIO in IB.

Ch: Oh good! But you haven't mentioned it here.

Me: Sir, I am yet to join on Feb 23rd. Verification process is going on. (He seemed satisfied.)

Ch: Since you are from science background Madam here will ask you some science questions. (M2 has taken over.)

M2: what is the recent launch by ISRO?

Me: Mam as part of Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) we have sent the 3rd satellite by using PSLV.

M2: What is PSLV? Me: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

M2: What is GSLV? Me: Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

M2: What is the difference between them?

Me: Mam PSLV is sent to the polar orbit, GSLV is in Synchronization with the earth's rotation. GSLV has more payload capacity. If India needs to excel in space research, it must develop indigenous GSLV, which it is pursuing now.

M2: which has cryogenic stage?

Me: Mam GSLV has three stages, third stage is cryogenic. (she still looked expecting something, so I continued) Mam, In first stage we use Hydroxy terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) as fuel and in the second stage Unsymmetrical di-methyl Hydragene (UDMH) in the third stage liquid oxygen as oxidizer and liquid hydrogen as fuel.

M2:Ok,  So are you preparing for civil services? (I nodded and she asked whether I cleared Prelims this time)

Me: Yes mam I have given mains and awaiting my result.

M2: What is your optional?

Me: Mam last time I have given with Public administration but this time I changed it to History.

M1, who is speaking in an accent which is hard to understand, took over. He is from Tamil Nadu I think.

M1: What is Human relations theory?

Me: Sir, Henry Fayol and Elton Mayo are the pioneers of Human relations theory. Since classical theorists only concentrated on structural aspect of organization, Human relations theorists tried to bring the humanistic aspect of organization.

M1: Tell me something about Trichy. (My post graduation was in Trichy)

Me: Sir having stayed in three years in Trichy what I felt is it is one of the hottest regions in Tamil Nadu. And it is surrounded by many temples like SriRangam, Tanjore Brihadiswaralaya. (I was trying to recollect other things, meanwhile M1 stated)

M1: I thought you would mention about BHEL there.

Me: Yes sir, sorry sir. Boiler of BHEL is there.

M1: Tell me about BHEL

Me: Sir Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited is one of the 7 maharatnas and of late it is earning many profits. (I thought or a while and said) sir I don't know much about BHEL in Trichy sir.

M1: What is a normal bank and what is a scheduled commercial bank?

Me: Sir any bank which is registered under RBI Act of 1935 (actually it was 1934, I mentioned it wrong) and Banking regulation Act and has a paidup capital of 5 lakh is considered as a scheduled commercial bank.

Ch: (Talking to other members) this person has got selected for IB which is an important organization for our internal security. (Now looking at me) tell me about IB.

(I started explaining about IB but Chairman was not listening to me as another person came inside the room and started talking to him. I explained other members superficially about its working.)

Ch: Have you applied for any other exams?

Me: (I reiterated my civils attempt) and added that my aim was to be in a position where I could influence the policy decision-making process...(Chairman intervened)

Ch: Do you think by joining IB you can influence the Policies. Government will design the policies and we need to follow them.
Ok, any way... (I was nodding, but haven't answered for his first question as he was reluctant to continue the topic)

M1: (Pointing to three bottles on the table) see, this is baby, this is lady and this is wine. In which order will you take them?

Me: (Couldn't comprehend what he was saying. Requested him to repeat the question and then) sir, the same order, Baby, Lady, Wine. (I was anxious for his next question about my choice. But he smiled and said ok)

M1: What are the demerits of Privatisation?

Me: Sir, as market is blind to social reality it always prefers to go for profit seeking. Govt on its part must regulate it and give reasonable amount of freedom at the same time. There must always be a law backing it, for example in the recent Companies Act, 2013 we kept the mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility provision so that they can adhere. If this kind of regulation is there, there won't be much problem with privatization sir.

M1: Can you sing me one song? (My hobby was singing)

Me: Sir can I sing in Tamil? (Since I thought he was from TN, though my mother tongue is Telugu)

 M1: Sure.

I sang the first stanza of a song from "Chandramukhi" movie of Rajnikant (Attindom...). Lady member said that I sang quite good.

M2: You got selected for so and so s/w company. Why you left it?

Me: Mam due to health reasons I had to quit at that time.

M2: So I assume you are alright now?

Me: Yes mam I am completely alright now.

Ch: Ok, I asked you about IB because I also belong to IB. Meet you there. (Gestured my interview is over)

Me: Thank you sirs, Thank you mam.

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