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SSC CGL Common Interview Questions and Tips

SSC CGL Interview Discussion:
Dear candidates, We have already posted so many SSC CGL Interview Experiences of many candidates. If you have not checked these, click on below given links. After reading these interview experiences, you will know that there is no any hard and fast rule. It means questions can be asked from any section. Never think that questions will be asked related to your educational background only.
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  • SSC CGL Interview Experience - 2011( Delhi Region)
  • SSC CGL Interview Experience - 2011 (Allahabad Region)

  • Preparation Tips: If you want to clear the SSC CGL Interview, following the below given tips can help you.
    1. Eye Contact- Eye contact with the observer plays an important role. It reflects your confidence level so always try to make an eye contact with the interviewer.
    2. Your Hands- Try to use your hands to express your answers. When you don't use your hand, it shows your low confidence level.
    3. Your Knowledge related to SSC Syllabus- If you are preparing in SSC CGL Interview, you must have complete knowledge about SSC and different interview posts. Apart from this, you must also have a good knowledge of all topics which are convered under SSC CGL. 
    4. Current Affairs- It has been seen that interviewer also ask questions from current affairs section so it would be beneficial for you to read the newspapers of last 7 days.
    5. Your Educational Background and Employement- Questions can be asked related to your job or your educational background(mostly from the subject you studied in graduation). 
    6. Be confident and Optimistic
    7. Never show Helplessness in Interview.

    SSC CGL Common Interview Questions : In this post, we are providing you the list of common questions which are generally asked in SSC CGL Interview.
    1. How you would be able to perform better in worst condition (related to you post)? 
    2. For how many years you are in (current Job/if any)? 
    3. Do you know about RTE and RTI (different types of question may be asked related to government schemes)? 
    4. Let us know about your self regain what are the strengths or what are the qualities that you must possess for the post? 
    5. How you get the goal for particular post? Integrate your previous Job Experience with us. 
    6. Which are of most disappointing faq of previous job? 
    7. You did MBA but why you selected this post for you job? 
    8. Whom do you think a great scientist of all the times? 
    9. Your hobby are meditation, motivating others and Indian Mythology, Culture, event. 
    10. What you exactly do in motivation? Which books you read in Indian Mythology? 
    11. Why you want to join Inspector post?
    12. What is your greatest weakness?
    13. What is your greatest strength?
    14. Tell me about yourself.
    15. Tell me about something that's not on your resume.
    16. How will your greatest strength help you perform?
    17. How do you handle failure?
    18. How do you handle success?
    19. Do you consider yourself successful? Why?
    20. Are you lucky?
    21. Are you nice?
    22. How would you describe yourself?
    23. Describe a typical work week.
    24. Describe your work style.
    25. Do you work well with other people?
    26. Do you take work home with you?
    27. How are you different from the competition?
    28. How do you view yourself? Who do you compare yourself to?
    29. How does this job fit in with your career plan?
    30. How many hours do you normally work?
    31. How would you adjust to working for a new company? 
    32. How would you describe the pace at which you work? 
    33. How do you handle stress and pressure?
    34. Is there anything else we should knowabout you?
    35. What motivates you?
    36. Are you a self motivator?
    37. What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?
    38. What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?
    39. What are you passionate about?
    40. What are your hobbies?
    41. What are your pet peeves?
    42. What do people most often criticize about you?
    43. What is the biggest criticism you received from your boss?
    44. What is the worst thing that you have ever gotten away with?
    45. What is your dream job?
    46. What is your professional development plan?
    47. What makes you angry?
    48. What strategies would you use to motivate your team?
    49. What will you miss most about your last job?
    50. What won’t you miss about your last job?
    51. What would you be looking for in an applicant?
    52. When was the last time you were angry? What happened?
    53. Would you rather be liked or respected?
    54. Why did you choose your major?
    55. Why did you go back to school?
    56. Why should I take a risk on you?
    57. If you could relive the last 10 years of your life, what would you do differently?
    58. If the people who know you were asked why you should be hired, what would they say?
    59. Do you prefer to work independently oron a team?
    60. Give some examples of teamwork.
    61. More teamwork interview questions.
    62. What type of work environment do you prefer?
    63. How do you evaluate success?
    64. If you know your boss is 100% wrong abwout something how would you handle it?
    65. Describe a difficult work situation / project and how you overcame it.
    66. Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.

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