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SSC CGL 2013 Interview Experience by Gourav Bansal (jan 2015)

SSC CGL 2013 Interview Experience by Gourav Bansal

Friends sharing my interview experience..
Venue - Allahabad Board No. 3
Four Board Members - One Female and 3 Males

I bid Good Morning to all.
M1(sitting at the centre) - are working as senior software engineer...Have visited several countries France Belgium, Spain..."Yahan kya karne aaye ho...babu ki naukri karni hai kya"

  • Me - No Sir (Politely), Actually my social and personal life is suffering.

M1(Feeling interested to see France in the Bio Data form...shayad wo ja chuka hoga) - Have you seen Paris.

  • Me - Yes Sir

M1 - Eiffel Tower?

  • Me - Yes

M1 - Till which level you went.

  • I answered

M1 - Did you see Louve Museum.

  • Me - Yes

M1 - Did you see Mona Lisa. Tell me about the painting.

  • I answered.

M1 - What did you visit in Spain, Belgium?

  • I answered.

F1: Ok have mentioned that you are interested in Einstein Theories..

  • Me - Yes. She asked about all the researches of Einstein and about them.

M1(Interrupted) - When you have interest in Einstein theories why you want to come in SSC..It is totally different area

  • Me - Sir.. Einstein also have worked in Science as well as philosophy. both are two different domains.

F1 - You have presented research paper on Cloud Computing. Tell me about it.

  • I answered. Asked some more questions on Computers. I answered.

M2: Gourav...You got first prize in Hindi Essay competition. What was the topic.

  • Me - "Jal Sarankshan(Water Harvesting)". Asked some question on water harvesting. I answered.

Till here interview was going well. But Picture abhi baaki hai dost.

M2 - Have you heard about Water man of India...Tell me about that personality.

  • Me - (Oh BC ye kya pooch liya)..Sorry Sir I don't know.

M2 - you must have heard about Magsaysay Award....Tell the name of 4-5 indians who got this award.

  • Me - One Arvind Kejriwal..Sorry Sir I don't know more(Ab to saala fatne lagi thi).

M3 - What is the full form of PNG and CNG..

  • I answered CNG but "Itna sab hone ke baad PNG bhool gaya". Sorry sir not able to recall PNG.

M3 - What is PCRA?

  • Me (Pasine chhootne lage...Abe mujhe kya pata BC) - Sorry Sir I don't know.

M3 -Alternative source of renewable energy.

  • Me - Finally kuchh pasine sukhe. I answered.

M3 - What is Geothermal energy?He asked everything about it.

  • I answered what I know.

M3 - Khan milti hai...Tumhare town(Ghaziabad) me mil jayegi(Making fun like Raavan)?

  • Me - No Sir..It is not found in India as far as I know..found in New Zealand and Japan.M1 felt excited to hear new Zealand

M1 - Tumne dekha hai New Zealand mein(zaroor saala sab jagah ghoom ke aa chuka hai).
Suddenly he realized ki zyaada ho gaya hai so he stopped.

M3 - last question...Recent period from 15 to 30 Jan is related to energy. Can you tell me the event name?

  • Me(Jaate Jaate bhi maar li) - Sorry Sir.

Ok you can go...I bid thanks to all.
Dosto picture ka first half to theek tha..But climax mein villain ne bahut buri maari.

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