Monday, January 5, 2015

SSC CGL-2013 Interview Experience (5 jan 2015) MPR region by Ankit

SSC CGL-2013 Interview Experience (5 jan 2015) MPR region

Interviewer : Mr. Ankit we will give you a topic on which you have to speak for one minute. You may organize your thoughts in 15 seconds. You may speak on the Indo-US Relations.

My answer (mann hi mann lag gayi) : There has been a steady progress in the relation between India and the US, especially in recent years. The Indo-US Civil Nuclear Agreement has opened up new vistas of cooperation between the two countries.President Obama ll visit to the India in Feb this year, is reflective of qualitative transformation in bilateral ties.
** Bus itna line ko 1 min khich liya**

Interviewer: Your hometown is in U.P...Which are the neighboring States of Utter Pradesh?

Answer (chalo thoda bahot toh aata tha) : Sir, Uttaranchal,and Himachal in north, Haryana, Rajasthan in west,Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh in south and Bihar and Jharkhand in the east are the neighboring States of Utter Pradesh.

Interviewer : How did the State get its name?
Answer Lag gayi meri fir se ): sir , I am sorry I left U.P.years ago (prepare karna bhul gaya isse)

Interviewer: The Preamble to the Constitution start with the words, “We the people of India ……”. Does it have any special significance?

Answer(sala mera number hi first kyu hai, kaha se la re ho questions) : Yes sir, it signifies that the Constitution of India proclaims the sovereignty of the people .preamble is introduction of our constitution borrowed form USA...(Ghuma phira ke preamble define kr diya )

Interviewer : : There have been many sting operations by the Indian media in the recent time .Some people find it an unhappy trend. What are your views on this?

Answer: Normally one would dismiss string operations as a violation of people’s right to privacy. But since corruption has spiraled out of control, these operations have come to serve a great cause . hence i m O.K. widsting ..

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself Mr. Ankit in the next five years? And how do you expect to get there?

Answer: would be in an better position in the next five years than where I am today. I would be successful and respected public servant. I expect to get there by dint of hard work, commitment and delivering result.

Interviewer : Thank you Mr. Ankit. You may retire into the adjoining room
***Lag gayi meri toh, 4 saal ka experience usme se koi que
nahi, na Graduation se koi que, I am Btech CS *** Tensed..

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