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One Word Substitution Test for SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam

One Word Substitution Test

1.A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power
(a)Expert (b)   Intellectual
(c)   Snob         (d)   Literate

2.A person pretending to be somebody he is not
(a)   Magician (b)   Rogue
(c)   Liar         (d)   Imposter

3.One who has little faith in human sincerity and goodness
(a)   Egoist (b)   Fatalist
(c)   Stoic         (d)   Cynic

4.One who possesses many talents
(a)   Versatile         (b)   Nubile
(c)   Exceptional (d)   Gifted

5.The custom or practice of having more than one husband at same time
(a)   Polygyny     (b)   Polyphony
(c)   Polyandry     (d)   Polychromy

6.Teetotaller means
(a)   One who abstains from theft
(b)   One who abstains from meat
(c)   One who abstains from taking wine
(d)   One who abstains from malice

7.Habitually silent or talking little
(a)   Servile (b)   Unequivocal
(c)   Taciturn (d)   Synoptic

8.A name adopted by an author in his writings
(a)   Nickname (b)   Pseudonym
(c)   Nomenclature (d)   Title

9.The absence of law and order
(a)   Rebellion (b)   Anarchy
(c)   Mutiny (d)   Revolt

10. A religious discourse
(a)   Preach          (b)   Stanza
(c)   Sanctorum (d)   Sermon

11.A person who speaks many languages
(a)   Linguist (b)   Monolingual
(c)   Polyglot (d)   Bilingual

12.One who sacrifices his life for a cause
(a)   Patriot (b)   Martyr (c)   Revolutionary (d)   Soldier

13. One who knows everything
(a)   Literate (b)   Scholar
(c)   Omnipotent (d)   Omniscient

14. A large sleeping-room with many beds
(a)   Bedroom (b)   Dormitory (c)   Hostel (d)   Basement

15. Continuing fight between parties, families, clans, etc.
(a)   Enmity (b)   Feud
(c)   Quarrel (d)   Skirmish

16. A person interested in collecting, studying and selling of old things
(a)   Antiquarian (b)   Junk-dealer
(c)   Crank (d)   Archealogist

17. Policeman riding on motorcycles as guards to a VIP
(a)   Outriders (b)   Servants
(c)   Commandos (d)   Attendants

18. One who is determined to exact full vengeance for wrongs done to him
(a)   Virulent (b)   Vindictive
(c)   Usurer (d)   Vindicator

19. One absorbed in his own thoughts and feelings rather than in things outside
(a)   Scholar (b)   Recluse
(c)   Introvert (d)   Intellectual

20. One who dabbles in fine arts for the love of it and not for monetary gains
(a)   Connoisseur (b)   Amateur
(c)   Professional (d)   Dilettante

1.(b)  2.(d)   3.(d) 4.(a)   5.(c) 6.(c)
7.(c)        8.(b)          9.(b) 10.(d)             11.(c) 12.(b)
13.(d) 14.(b) 15.(b) 16.(a)        17.(a) 18.(b)

19.(c) 20.(b)

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