Monday, January 19, 2015

Make Money for Helping Students by Answering their Questions

Now, you can make money for answering questions of students as well. We have launched a money making program at our sister site - All Exams Guide Forum. The name of this money making program is ETAP which stands for Earn To Answer Program.

How to Make Money through this program?
On All Exams Guide Forum, we get a lot of career related questions from users. We allow Forum members to make money for answering these questions. A newly registered members gets 5 points for answering one question. Depending on the quality of answers, our moderator increase/decrease their points per answers. It means, you can also get 25 points per answers instead of 5(if your answers are helpful for students). We rank all member on the basis of points they get. You can check the ranking page here. Members get rewards according to their rank. This money making program is conducted twice a month(i.e after each 15 days). You need to Register before you can participate.

The first session starts from 1st day of month and ends on 15th while the second session starts on 16th of the month and ends on the last day of month.

What are the Reward Amounts?
1st Rank------Rs.3000/- 
2nd Rank----- Rs.2500/- 
3rd Rank---- -Rs.2100/- 
4th Rank---- -Rs.1800/- 
5th Rank---- -Rs.1550/- 
6th Rank---- -Rs.1400/- 
7th Rank---- -Rs.1300/- 
8th Rank----- Rs.1200/- 
9th Rank---- -Rs.1100/- 
10th Rank----Rs.1000/- 
11th Rank-----Rs.950/- 
12th Rank-----Rs.900/- 
13th Rank-----Rs.850/- 
14th Rank------Rs.800/- 
15th Rank----- Rs.750/- 
16th Rank---- -Rs.700/- 
17th Rank---- -Rs.650/- 
18th Rank---- -Rs.600/- 
19th Rank------Rs.550/- 

20th Rank----- Rs.500/-

Who can Participate in this Program?
This money making program is for Indians only.Every Citizen of India is eligible to Join Earn to Answer Program. No Qualification is required.

When will You get your Scholarship Amount?

  • If Scholarship session ends on 15th of the month(for ex- 1 to 15th), You get paid on 20th of the month.
  • If Scholarship session ends on last day of the month i.e either on 30th or 31st, you will get paid on 5th of the next month. For example- If a particular session ends on 31st of jan, you will get paid on 5th Feb.

How will you get paid if you win?

Payments are done through EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer) or Online Transfer. After transferring the amount, we inform winners by sending message to the winner's mobile number.

Want to participate in ETAP(Earn to Answer Program)? How to start?

  • Register here if you are not already registered: Registration Page
  • Check Unanswered questions here: Unanswered Questions
  • Try answering a question by posting a helpful answer.
  • When you have answered. Check your current rank on: Ranking Page
  • Answer More questions for getting better Ranks. New members get 5 points for every answer. Improve your Quality of Answers to get more points per Answers.

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