Monday, December 8, 2014

SSC Interview Experience for STATISTICAL INVESTIGATOR by Ms Reema Bajaj (02.12.11)

There were five interviewers .They asked following questions. They asked all question related to my Bio-Data and few questions from current affairs.
1. What is difference between BSc (APS) and simple BSc.
2. Since I am doing MPhill .So obvious question why you want to switch over from your field.
3. Why statistical investigator?
4. That is testing of hypothesis?
5. What is test of significance?
6. P-test, Student T test, difference between discrete and continuous data?
7. What is left tailed test, right tailed test and two tailed test?
8. Interval estimation?
9. If you are given 100 sized populations, how would you choose small sample for testing? What would be its size?
10. What is error of tolerances? What is .01 and .05 values during testing? What is the other value for acceptance region?
11. What is the range of values in normal curve?
12. What is value of P(X=4) in normal curve?
13. What is Bio diversity? How Delhi University has contributed in it? What are various Bio-Diversity Parks in Delhi?
14. Who are various Bharat Ratna Awarded musicians in India other than Lata Mangeshkar?
15. Why didn’t you join any private company as you have done your internship with Convergys?
16. What is Arya Smaj? Who established it?
17. What are its various norms and regulation?
18. What is queuing theory? What is use of computers in it?
19. What is role of computers in Statistical Investigations?
20. What did you do in Charitra Nirman Shivir(Related to my extra-curriculum)

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