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SSC CGL Representation Format - Word File and PDF

If you want to send the Representation to SSC against the wrong answer key then follow below given SSC CGL Representation Format .

You have to fax below given  letter to This no. 011 24364797/ 011 24360120.

SSC CGL Representation Format

Under Secretary,
Staff Selection Commission,
Block No.-12,CGO Complex,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110003
SUBJECT : Discrepancy relating to incorrect keys of SSC CGL 2014 (TIER –I) Examination.

Respected Sir,
I would like to express my view to the following discrepancies relating to incorrect keys.The examination conducted on- 26.10.2014(Morning), Paper- I, Test Form Number- 454TH6. Answer of few questions are given incorrect these
are as follow :–
(1).QUESTION NO. 70: The question was:
Humayun was driven out of Hindustan in 1540 A.D after the battle of:
 (A) Kanauj                 (B) Chausa
 (C)Dourah                  (D) Surajgarh

 Answer given in the key is (A). But the correct answer should be (B)
Explanation: In 1539, Sher Khan faced Humayun in the battle of Chausa. He forced Humayun out of India. Assuming the title Sher Shah, he ascended the throne of Delhi.

(2) QUESTION NO. 174:
The cookbook is tailor-made for amateur vegan cooks.
(A)Professionally Made   (B) Customized
(C) Mass-Produced         (D)No Improvement
Answer given in the key is (B). But according to me, the right answer should be (A).
Explanation: The Idiom Tailor-Made means anything which is made especially for someone or some special purpose. So, the option Professionally Made will suit better than option B.

(3) Question No . – 171:
The situation in Haiti was getting hotter by the minute .
(A)deteriorating rapidly              (B) Growing in Importance
(C) Increasing in Temperature     (D) Improving Rapidly
Answer given in the key is (B) which is incorrect. The correct answer should be (A) deteriorating rapidly
It is a humble request to you sir kindly check these answers in the official answer key and take action regarding this matter.

Yours Sincerely
Date:09th December 2014
Place: New Delhi
Your Name –
CGL-I Roll No. –
Ticket No. –
Email ID -  

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