Monday, December 8, 2014

SSC CGL Interview Experience Shared by Anjan(1-1-2013)

interview on 1-1-13...DELHI
1. So u r from odisha? How do u came?
2. Name the train, and the major stations.
3. Name the rivers of odisha.
4. Who is Ravenshaw?
5. Delhi is situated on the bank of which river?
6. Tell the cities near to Yamuna river and ganga river
7. What is crr, slr?
8. When rbi was established, its functions.
9. What is debt financing?
10. What is the contribution of agriculture to india gdp
11. What is money multiplier?
12. Measure of central tendency
13. Which sector contributes more to gdp service or industry
14. What is planning and when it wasstarted in india, which is the online and when it will start.
15. What is the gdp at present and estimated by 13th planning commission?
16. Which amendment in news and on what topic?
17. How many parliamentary sessions ?
18. Types of budget?
19. Rail budget by whom and gen budget by whom? Which one is first and when?
20. Who is prz india, home minister, finance minister?
21. Army chief and ranks
22. America president, his rival and his party.
23. Washinton dc, what is dc.
24. What is environment?
25. How fog is formed?
26. What is relative humidity and how measured?
27. Components of air and %

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