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SSC CGL Interview Experience by Bijayant (3rd Nov 2011)

I had my interview today on 03rd November in Delhi Region…I came to know by one staff outside interview room that all interview board member had come from outside. They were 4 in numbers .all were gents; no ladies and all were too old so as expected they didn’t ask anything( except one question) from current affairs nor from my hobbies, extra curricular etc….

My interview was mix of Hindi and English…Head interviewer started questioning in Hindi; I also started answering in Hindi…but in meantime track changed to English and my most of answer were in English but some time I also used Hindi when they cross-questioned in Hindi. Even some time they questioned single issue in mix of Hindi and English.

It will be easy if I will tell u guys a little bit abt my educational background as most of lengthy discussion were related to my background and my previous job experience and most of other question were also leading from all my answers. I have done my graduation from B.Sc Nautical Science and have done around 4-5 years job in shipping and last year I left my job for civil services preparations
I took permission to enter the room and wished all of them. Head interviewer indicated me to take a seat and after taking seat, I thanked him…

As per my expectation interview starts from my name and head interviewer starts questioning me.
HI: what is the meaning of ‘bijayant’
Me: explained
HI: then it should have been ‘vijayant’ not “bijayant’
Me: agreed to him and I explained reason for such difference
HI: do u know there was some weapon of this name 40-50 years back..
Me: explained .. India had a tank of this name
HI: This exactly I was expecting from u to answer.
HI: Charo taraf aaj kal mahangai ke bare mein bat ho rahi hai .iske piche aapko kya karan lagta hai..
Me: I explained reason as one of drawback of high growth rate of India
HI: any other reason
Me: Infrastructure problem, demand supply gap, Hoarding problem..
HI: he was agree to these but I think he wanted some other answer from me but in meantime track changed and started about my previous work experience
( I Think he wanted answer like different govt programme like nrega is one of the reason which I forgot that time)

HI; do u watch tv ??
Me: answered in negative
HI: have u heard about KBC
Me: yes sir
HI: wat is maxm prize
Me : 5 crore.
HI; have any body won this maxm price??
Me: just I week back mr sushil kumar of Bihar won this prize.

HI: he showed me my biodata and asked what ever u have written here this is your annual or monthly salary…
Me: told monthly
HI: so after leaving such a lucrative job why do you want to join govt job?
Me: explained in details their pros and cons..
( in this there was long disussion and cross questioning I answered with ease and confidence)
HI: since u were in shipping u would have been to a lot of places.
Me: replied affirmatively and told about places where I had been
HI: have u gone to s. America
Me; replied in affirmative and told I had been to Chile and Venezuela in S. America
HI: do u know Machu Pichu
Me: it is one of the wonders of the world and is situated in Peru.
HI; do u know why is it famous
Me explained the reason and he was satisfied
HI: wat all other wonders of world do u know?
Me: told some 4-5 names like tajmahal, great wall of china, Egypt pyramid, England stonehage etc….
HI: what is total no of countries in the world
Me : told around 198 but no. of UN members is only 194
HI: is it so ? or 192 ( he discuss this to other members)
Me: I told s. sudan was last un member..and I realized my mistake and told earlier there were 192 n south sudan is 193rd and Palestine is demanding as un membership as 194th member
In meantime other member(P2) asks tell me abt some countries which are not member of UN

Me: I told Taiwan and Palestine and gave reason also for their not being membership
HI: as u are in shipping wat is the current problem of “samudri daku”
Me: explained in detail Somali piracy problem
HI: Have u ever encounter some naval vessel
Me: answered in affirmative and told the scenario and when else we encounter during our merchant voyages…
HI: which is largest ship
( I couldn’t understand the exact nature of question then by example he explained wat he intended to ask)
Me: aircraft carrier
HI: he was satisfied with my answer and asked does india have any aircraft carrier
Me: I told about recent purchase of aircraft carrier from Russia admiral gorshakov..
HI: he asked is there any other ??
Me: sorry sir I don’t have an idea
HI: it is INS Vikrant…

Now he tells P1 to ask question…His voice pitch was so low I was not able to grasp his question 3-4 times even he was nearest to me .He was mumbling a lot and some time his question was repeated by other members..
P1: do u know UNO
Me: yes sir
P1 : when was it founded
Me: 24th oct 1945
P1: do u know security council
Me: yes sir
P1 how many members are there
Me: 15… 5 permanent and 10 non permanent
P1: tell me the name of permanent members
Me: named all 5
P1: is india a member
Me : yes sir.. he is non permanent member from this year ..
P1: u are from bihar
Me : yes sir
P1: as u know our first president was from bihar u any other important leader that time who was from bihar??
Me: I told jagjivan ram..( n he was satisfied and passed to other members)( in meantime HI intervened)
HI; do u know what was birthplace was jp narayan??
Me: Sitabdiyara
P2: do u know who was leader of Italy during 2nd world war
Me: musolini
P2: wat was his full name?
Me: sorry sir, I don’t know?
( he told me full name , I don’t remember.)
P2: who were allies of Italy during 2nd world war
Me: germany and japan
P2: who was leader of germany that time
Me: Hitler
P2: wat happened to Hitler?
Me: he did suicide when he realized he can’t win this war now.
P2: do u know the name of book written by him
Me: mein kampf
P2: have u heard about Copernicus
Me: yes sir and explained in detail why was he famous
P2: from which country did he belong
Me: sorry sir I m not sure but I think he was from Poland
(he didn’t tell any thing and proceeded to next question but as I checked later my answer was right.)
P2: which aircraft was used by USA for bombing during 2nd world war on Japan
( initially I couldn’t understand the question and he cleared it but I was not aware.
Me: sorry sir I don’t know…
P2: he told some B…. have u heard abt this??
Me: sorry sir.. I have not heard..

Now he pass it to last member

P3: let us come to your graduation subject..
( I had mentioned math, nautical physics and nautical science)
Was is difference between physics and nautical physics
Me; Explained the difference
P3: wat ever u r telling is not physics..
( there was long discussion and I finally agreed both are same..)
P3: arrange these waves increasing order of frequency…microwave, infrared, gamma rays
Me: answered
P3: wat is fusion
Me : explained
P3: wat is difference between fission and fusion
Me : explained with example of fusion of H atom in hydrogen bomb and fission of U in atom bomb
P3: wat is difference between sphere and circle
Me : explained
P3: is sun a circle or sphere:
Me: sphere
P3: why does it look like circle?
Me: explained the reason
P3: what is the reason of shadow
Me: explained
P3: will there be no shadow in night?
Me : explained in detail about object shadow and presence of any light presence artificial or any lighted celestical object and he was satisfied

HI told now u can go
And thanked all of them and left the room..

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