Monday, December 8, 2014

SSC CGL Interview Experience 2011 shared by a B.E Degree Holder Candidate

Members : 2 sirs ( including chairman ) and one mam

Interview duration : around 35 mins

Board memebers were very friendly and cooprative ..

My Graduation : B.E. in Computer sceince


  • Tell me about H.S.Gour university ?
  • who is MP and MLA in your city ?
  • How many loksabha and rajya sabha seats are in MP ?
  • Date of MP/CG division ?
  • What is the economic impact of division on MP ?
  • For what your city is famous ??

and few more

Questions ON HOBBIES ( cricket and social networking)

  • Tell me the opening batmen of indian cricekt team in T20 ?
  • For which special ball zaheer khan is famous ?
  • What exactly is Reverse swing ?
  • Do you know anything about the Ashes?
  • what is spot fixing and name the players who are involved in recent news ?
  • If you watched this year world cup can u tell me who was the top run scorer?
  • Who is the founder of facebook?
  • How social networking sites helped u in your preparation as u said?.

Questions on EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES (my: cricekt @ district level and paper presentaion on Global warming)

  • what is global warming
  • name all green house gases(i forgot one gas ). what is its impact?
  • and circket questions i mentioned above

Questions on Social work/Group work(my:blood donation )

  • your blood group ?
  • how many blood groups are there ?
  • what is AB and O . tell me their famous names ?

Some HR questions 

  • Why SSC after engineering?
  • Are you preparing for civil services ?

Questions on COMPUTER SCIENCE (graduation B.E.)

  • Tell me some commands in DOS?
  • Which version of ms office you are using ?
  • Tell me about low and high level programming languages ?
  • The latest microprocesser available ?


  • what are the other form of corruptions except bribe??
  • who is anna hajare ?
  • what is jan lokpaal?
  • tell me the negative effect of jan lokpal?
  • did u support the movement ???

aur kuchh chhote chhote questions yaad nahi hai . it was a good discussion and very good experience

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